Cancel instant book without penalty? Asking for a friend

Seriously - my host friend got an IB with this message after she booked; I need to tel my friend how to go about having airbnb cancel the IB since the guest clearly states that it is a 3rd party booking:

I’m booking for my boyfriend Lucas. He’s a college student just like me and also 22 years old. He’s a non smoker and read all your house rules and we’re absolutely d’accord with them. :slight_smile:

It’s his first time in New York and I surprised him with his first solo trip, I’ll meet with him in Kansas after his New york trip.
We’ve traveled a lot with airbnb and always love it very much.
He’s gonna walk around new york all day so he really just needs something to relax in the evening.
He’ll arrive at around 8 pm in JFK
he’s very excited already. :slight_smile:
I would very much love for him to stay with you.

Very warm regards

Hello @Rolf

Either suggest to the guest that she books through her boyfriends account or they can call Airbnb and ask them to cancel the booking.