Can you share your house rules?

I’ve been constantly tweaking mine and think I’m happy with them now (thanks to the input over time from hosts on this forum). I’d like to see others if you’d be prepared to share. Please also say if you are an entire house or private room listing.
These are the extra rules that we write in addition to the toggle yes/no ones that Airbnb have us choose. I’ve repeated most of them in my Rules anyway.
(and if you like any of mine, permission granted in advance to copy).
I’ll go first (feedback welcome):

Entire house listing

•The maximum occupancy of the house is 6 people (including children)
•We welcome families with children aged 6yrs and above. (Strict supervision/behaviour control of children is required at all times, especially in the pool area.)
•NO SMOKING inside or on the back deck. If you smoke, please do so either in the pool area where there are 2 covered pool houses or go for a walk away from the main house (extinguish fully and put in bin).
•No glass in the pool area please, plenty of plasticware provided.
•Be respectful of the quiet neighbourhood by having no loud music or noise after 10pm.
•Only registered guests as named in the booking will be permitted to enter the property.
•Please dispose of rubbish using the 3 bin council recycling system. RED bin general waste, YELLOW bin for recycling and GREEN bin for garden waste.
•Please help conserve water and power by having short showers and turning off lights and airconditioners while not in the room.
•Please leave the house clean and tidy as you found it. (dishes and utensils washed and returned to cupboards, heavy spills wiped/mopped up, rubbish in bins, personal items removed )
•At the end of your stay leave beds unmade and used towels on the bathroom floor.
•If there are any damages, complaints or concerns that occur during your stay, please message us straight away so that we are able to attend to them as soon as possible.
•Please read and understand the full description of the listing before booking.
•Relax and enjoy your stay


Mine (an island, an usual listing) is: “General conservation as to water, power and Internet is always highly appreciated; otherwise, relax and have fun!!” Serious.


Wow, makes me look like the Rules Nazi!
But you are in a class of your own with your highly sought after Island, so I see why your rules are so simple and welcoming. Lucky man! :relaxed:

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Love them, they sound similar to mine, except for the kids, pool and smoking.

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Hahaha, the Rules Nazi, good one. If they were in my home however, it would conversely read like War & Peace, that long.


For the smoking I say this:

For those who wish to smoke, there are lovely cushiony red chairs on the front and back patios.

For liquor,

Feel free to enjoy alcohol. I trust that you can handle your liquor. Loud and hearty laughter is welcome - have a great time. Don’t get too wild though.

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In my private room listings I use all of the Airbnb checks (no smoking, no children, etc.), and here are the rest:

*Parking is tight, be sure to leave room for two!

*Free access to kitchen & laundry, please keep areas tidy.

*Please don’t give my dog a lot of people food, she has her own treats. :slight_smile: You can let her outside by herself at any time as long as the gate is closed.

And yet, I STILL have to ask people to move their cars over for a second guest to fit, and they love feeding my dog while they're cooking or eating!

These are mine. I try to keep it as simple as possible, while including what needs to be said or what I’d want to be able to kick someone out for doing.

  • No extra guests after booking. Only registered guests will be allowed on the property.
  • No illegal substances on the property.
  • Check In: 3:00 PM
  • Check Out: 11:00 AM
  • Quiet Time: After 11:00 PM
  • Please do not let the cats outside.

We kindly ask that you be respectful of our home and treat it as you would your own.

You will have shared access to our kitchen, breakfast nook, dining room, den, laundry room and outdoor paved patio.

Upstairs bedrooms, basement and garage are private spaces not accessible to guests.

You are welcome to use the kitchen. Kitchen use is limited to light preparation and light cooking only. For example; scrambled eggs and toast, oatmeal or cereal for breakfast, canned soup and sandwiches for lunch, and quick one pan meals for dinner such as pasta, frozen pizza or complete frozen meals that you dump out of a bag and heat up in a pan.

Please respect a limit of 2 loads of laundry during your stay of 3 days or less and 4 loads if you’re staying 4 to 7 days.

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Here are mine, we have rooms upstairs in our house:

All guests must be 21 or older. Sorry, this home is not child-proofed. Only registered guests are permitted on our property. Guests should be prepared to provide ID when requested. A list of full names of everyone staying at our home is required and no additional guests are allowed after booking arrangements have been made. Private rooms are rented for lodging purposes only. No day or night visitors, no parties.

Please clean up after yourself in the bathroom and kitchenette.
No smoking.
No lit candles or anything involving fire.
No animals.
No makeup on sheets.
No mail at our address; please do not share our address with others.
You MUST have transportation. No standing at the foot of the driveway waiting for rides or cabs.
No moving furniture (we will assist you if something is not working out).
For maintenance and assessment purposes, owners may enter private rooms without permission.
Quiet hours: 10 pm to 8 am. Noise must be kept low inside and outside, so neighbors are not disturbed.
No eating in bedroom – use living room area. Dishes and utensils are provided with the wet bar / kitchenette.
No use of our kitchen – upstairs has amenities. No stove available. There are a wide variety of restaurants in the area.
We would prefer if you would take off outdoor shoes by the door, or stay on the tile downstairs. House shoes or slippers are fine in the house.
We provide a peaceful atmosphere and we appreciate the same.

I think this is superfluous. You said it already. Don’t beat a dead horse. :smile:

Also, if I may… A few too many NOs. I reserve them for the main NOs.

Try to rewrite so the NO is a positive. This is a teacher’s trick. Otherwise it looks like penitionary rules! NO NO NO… Just not too friendly.

For instance,

Eating in kitchen area only.


Mine is a whole apartment:

*Please leave the apartment in the condition you found it. Cleaning supplies are available in bathroom, kitchen, and main closet.
*Children under 14 must be supervised by a parent at all times.
*Please include ALL children in the guest count and in your message provide detailed information.
*Pet owners must be responsible for their pets and clean-up after them. I do not have a fenced in yard, pets must remain leashed in the yard and kenneled when left alone.
*Only confirmed guests (and pets) are allowed on my property.
*No smoking, burning candles, or fire of any kind.
*Pool use (May-August) is at your own risk. No unsupervised children allowed.

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No smoking
Not suitable for pets
No parties or events
Not suitable for children (0-12 years)
Check-in time is 3PM - 10PM.

• Rule 1: Enjoy your stay. We love Somerville, and will help you fall in love with it too. We love the whole Boston area, and will do our best to guide you towards the places that will peak your interest.
• Rule 2: Please enter and exit quietly between 11pm and 7am.
• Rule 3: There is no smoking in the house, but you are welcome to sit under the portico or in the garden to enjoy.

  1. Please don’t let the two dogs out the front door!
  2. Smoking only permitted outdoors.
  3. Please let us know about what time you will arrive so we can greet you.
    We are flexible about the check in/check out times if there is no conflict between arriving and departing guests.

I get what you are saying… But the note about cleaning supplies goes a bit too far!

Have you thought about getting them to sign a waiver for pool use? Seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

House Rules
No smokingNot suitable for petsNo parties or eventsNot suitable for children (0-12 years)Check-in time is 4PM - 12AM (midnight).

We’re very mellow … so if you are too, we’ll get along well. This is a family home and neighborhood. Quiet time 10PM. This is our neighborhood association curfew hour and it must be respected. No loud parties at any hour.

• Only your approved and registered guests allowed on property.

• Check-in time is 4:00PM. Please text with an ETA if you will be much later than 4. Mahalo. Occupancy tax in cash due upon arrival.

• We do ask that you conserve water; we’re on a self-sustaining water tank system. No long showers. Please finish showering by 11:00pm, as late showers wake us upstairs.

• No smoking. (If you simply must, you can always walk up to the street, just so it is not on the property.) This includes e-cigs/vapes.

•No burning candles, Incense or mosquito coils inside or outside.

• Please remove your own trash as we have no trash service out here: Trash and mixed recycles can be taken to nearby trash station at mm 99-100. I do have containers for you to deposit your drinking recycles: plastic bottles, glass soda and beer bottles and cans, (should you wish, this is a suggestion only, as it helps the planet.)

• Please take care with the new U.S. Divers snorkeling equipment sets (in the black bags). They are $49.99 plus tax to replace. If you lose even one piece, I will have to charge you for the full set. Both sets are fully inventoried after every guest check out. Free use of gear with signed waiver.

• No illegal activity. This includes torrenting and downloading copyrighted property from house wi-fi.

• Please read the listing carefully before booking. Make sure the studio and its location are a good fit for you. Ask questions first if anything is not clear.

• Leave Studio as you found it.

Last but not least, please enjoy your visit and don’t hesitate to ask questions!

I will email a PDF file of complete information to you once you are booked.

e komo mai ! (Welcome!)

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Most of my guests stay for a week. I edited it to say: “Please leave the apartment in the condition you found it. Cleaning supplies are available in bathroom, kitchen, and main closet if you need the for long stays.”

Better!! More of a suggestion than a mandate! Confess if I saw your note the way it was originally stated I’d be put off and look for other properties!

I’d be tempted to leave off the supplies. Just please leave apartment as you found it is good.

In my checkout list, I just state what I mean. Do your dishes, clean stove, take trash.

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I had a totally different response to that statement! To me that statement says “You don’t need to buy, or worse bring, cleaning supplies.” which is a good thing since who wants to buy a whole bottle of something when you are only going to use a little bit AND you don’t have to guess what products your host prefers. If I was expected to clean and provide the cleaning supplies, I would move onto a different listing.

Just shows, no matter how carefully you word a statement, there is no way to know how a certain person will hear it.


Not tried, did. It’s not that there are valuables but I don’t want to have to inventory the contents after each guest either.

Unreal!!! What part of LOCK do you not understand!!!

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