Can you set up STR with a bed set up fee?

Airbnb recently told me that I can not charge a bed set up fee and that they would shut me down if I did not remove from my listing.

Here’s the space, Room 1 - king bed, Room 2 - set up as a den or 2nd bedroom with twin bed. My rates are based on two people. If a third person is booked, an extra $25 is added per night. This also clues me into setting up the den as a bedroom. No issues.

Previously I would state that your reservation includes the king size bed for 2 people. If three people then the king bed and the twin bed. If 2 people but want 2nd bed there’s a flat rate $10 bed set up fee. (I added this because I have to pay my cleaner more and there is more laundry (Blanket, linens, towels,). I have been doing it this way for nearly 2 years with no complaints.

When I previously charged per person I would sometimes get angry guests and guests that weren’t disclosed so this works out better.

I really don’t want to set up two separate listings for the space.

Does anyone know a work-around?

I think your request makes sense and I wish AirBnB could see that. There are direct costs related to a second bed.


What kind of bedding do you use?

For this reason we (and most hotels) !only use single size duvets or blankets. If 2 guest book they get 2 duvets and 2 pillows. All beds will be covered with sheets.

If a guest wants to use use the other bed, he can move his duvet and pillow.

The extra laundry is minimal. And you need a sheet on the extra beds anyway to protect the matress.

Example pic from the internet:

There is a fee from my cleaner to make up the second bed. Thanks, but your comment doesn’t resolve how to set up the booking correctly with Airbnb.

Also, the second bed is a daybed with a daybed cover and pillows so it’s a bit more work to make the bed.

ABB states that is you list your home as a whole home then the fee you charge is for the complete home not just a portion of it as you have listed. If you want the person to only use one room then you would have to list it that way as a private room in a home. Otherwise your listing would be considered false advertising, the only solution would be to raise your rate $10.00 on your cleaning fee that would cover the cost of the set up no matter whether one bed or two are used. Otherwise, I do not see a work around other than to create two listing one being a whole home and the other an private room listing. You can always link the two so no double bookings.


Do you know If I created the 2nd listing would I lose all of the reviews I have from the initial listing?

No because you could still leave that listing intact with a $10 higher rate and no additional bed fee.

not understanding why you do not just charge based on normal capacity and then setting up beds is part of extra guest fees?

Putting up peculiar charges is only going to draw unwanted attention from some quarters.

I leave my daybed half made, fitted sheets on both mattresses and the top one made up, the rest of the bedding I leave on a chair should the guests want to pull it out and use the whole thing.


It does solve your problem: If the guest wants the 2nd bed, the guest should make it himself.
No extra fee from your cleaner needed.

I do the same, they get 1 bed, if they want the second bed. They should move the stuff by themselves.

Because she want to charge extra if 2 persons sleep in 2 separate beds instead of 1.

That’s what I was doing until ABB say to remove.

What are you advertising on the little image that shows the available beds per room?

I would just pay for the extra linen fee’s. You are going to come out ahead by getting good reviews compared to trying to charge extra fees. If you get good reviews you should be able to have higher rates to offset any costs.