Can you set up a rule for Pets but only during certain times?

My slow season is in the winter and I thought I would allow pets from 11-19 - 3-20. Is there a way to do this without waiting until I pass the dates where I don’t want pets and then leave my calendar closed after March?

I’d set up a second listing. If you go to your “Listings” view, and click on the 3 dots on the right, there’s an option for “Duplicate” which will copy all your descriptions, pictures, etc.

Modify that listing to include extra house rules for pets and open the calendar for your winter months. Use your existing listing for the rest of the year. If you synch the two calendars it will prevent you from accidentally double booking.


What about my over 300 5 star reviews and superhost status?

What about it? @Lynick4442 you still retain you SH status and listing reviews.

If I create a duplicate listing I wanted to know if it would lose it.

Your profile still shows SH badge, but your history of reviews won’t be at the bottom. Until the new one has reviews you could add a note at the top: "This is our off-season listing that allows visiting pets. Please see our history of happy reviews on “other listing’.”

If you don’t like that idea, put in your house rules that the listing only allows dogs from X-X dates. The problem you’ll run into is that your listing is now improperly classified as pet friendly. A guest who books for summer, relying on the pet friendly designation, can complain to Airbnb they were mislead. You might as well be pet friendly year round.


Trouble is I really don’t want pets but I’m trying to increase my bookings in the off season. I might do the 2nd dupe listing. Last year I tried for visiting nurses but never got a nibble.

They tend to rely on Furnished Finder not Airbnb.

I don’t see 3 dots on the webpage site. Is this the app? I don’t like working in the app.

You could just put in your house rules: “Pets allowed only 11-19 - 3-20”.

We allow pets but put in our house rules that they must be pre-approved which makes it easier to choose when and which pets.

Yes but then I wouldn’t show up for people who search for places that allow pets. I’m going with the duplicate listing and see how it goes.

You would check off “Pets Allowed” and then clarify it with the house rule. It would come up in searches.

What sort of visitors do you target off season? Can you look outside of Airbnb to reach your target market?