Can you read private feedback left for guest?

Host A left Guest B private feedback

One month later Host A wants to read the private feedback he left for Guest B.

Is this possible?

No, that is purely the for the guest and the host - as in private.

If it was private feedback as part of the review process, I don’t think you can see it again once it’s sent. You’d have to have sent it as a regular message to be able to call it up again.

You as a host, once you leave private feedback, are unable to ever view it again.
I keep a spreadsheet of everything, including the reviews and feedback I leave for the guest and what the guest leaves for me. I do this because you never know when Air will decide that they no longer need to keep that information - and I do not want to lose it.
Anyway, that is the only way I have found to be able to review my (your) private feedback to a guest is if you keep it in a spreadsheet off-line.


Brilliant - thank you.