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Can you become a Superhost if you are a co-host?


Hello my fellow hosts! I have been hosting my own place for less than a year (kinda late to the party). My brother is going to help me hosting. I consider giving him the primary status so he can take care of most things for me. However, since he is new and I have the SH badge, does it mean the listing will have less visibility if he is the primary host? And can he earn the SH badge if he’s the co-host and not the owner of the listing?
Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I called ABB to ask but honestly the rep, in my humble opinion, did not show me that he has a clue…

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The superhost status is for the listing.

Co-hosts who don’t have their own listings can’t become superhosts.


Thank you Helsi. Interesting to know since co-host would do most of the job but the SH will go to the owner of the listing.


Not all co-hosts “do most of the job”. Many are just there to cover the host when out of town, or when the host has to work or has an appointment elsewhere. As a Host I don’t want anyone else taking/making reservations, writing reviews, meeting and greeting guests. That’s MY job. Some people have too many properties and cannot, or will not, do the things they should be doing as a host.


I co-host 8 other properties- I do it ALL- the owners don’t do anything yet still get the Superhost status- so they could use you to build up their property and dump you. Be sure to always have a good contract with your owners. It’s a weird quirk in AirBnB.


That is not correct. The superhost status is for the host, not the listing.


I am glad to hear you are doing well with your Airbnb management company.

However you are wrong to say owners don’t anything You mean anything accept purchase the property, maintain the property, furnish the property, decorate the property, pay the bills and taxes on the property. Of course the superhost status should stay with the host and their account for the listing. You are being paid to provide an Airbnb management services to support their listing. It’s a commercial relationship. If you continue to provide a good service and the host continues to need an Airbnb management support company there is no reason for them not to continue to use your services. That’s how business works. There is always a risk that a customer may chose to take their business elsewhere.

It’s not a quirk of Airbnb it’s designed that way.


Sorry I should have said the account linked to the listing/s,


Yes I understand the owners do all that. I own two places myself. And I’ve nothing else the owners I think they’re awesome for allowing me to help with their property. And yes I recommend things they need to buy I give them all the advice I tell them what is needed in the cabin I go through the cabin to make sure everything is working including light bulbs, towels, TVs, dog friendly things, and I decorate the cabins etc. The owners are never there they occasionally will stay there but some owners never go up for over a year and see their place. It’s an investment and I treat it like my home. But of course I know it’s theirs. That would be silly to say anything else.


hi, this is an old post. you mentioned having a Hosting contract with property owners. can/would you share the contract? i own a property and want to use a contract for my co-host. thanks! cp

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