Can you add/edit the auto-message that Airbnb sends out when guest books?

Besides using templates and manually send (and not automated software) is there a way to add/edit the auto-message that Airbnb sends out when guest books?

No you can't.............

Thanks. I searched many places. I customized the pre-message when they instant book but so far no guests seemed to have read it so I’ll go back to my form letter. Oh Well.

No, you can’t change it. :frowning:

There’s an Instant Book auto-message that you can change, but the character limit is pretty low. Mine basically just says “looking forward to hosting you; please read the house rules before booking”.

There used to be a spot where you could elect up to 3 questions the guest had to answer before IB-ing, but those are apparently gone too. (Confirmed with CS)

I do have a customer message and have questions but the guests don’t seem to realize that they have to answer these questions.

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It doesn’t seem to me that they had to answer them. Most of my bookings didn’t have them answered. I wonder when they did away with them?

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Ha ha, guess I should say that they were supposed to answer them. The times they were actually answered they came through differently than a message so I think the coding must have been sloppy. Maybe 10-15% of guests answered them.

I think they must have gotten rid of the questions sometime in the last year. Again, they didn’t make a clean change to their site because the section for “GUEST REQUIREMENTS” it says:

  • Profile photo
  • Government-issued ID
  • Recommendation from other hosts
  • Guest trip information

If you hit “edit”, it ought to let you make changes to each of these sections, but “Guest trip information” is no longer visible in the “edit” mode. CS said that they changed the process so we can ask for guests’ trip information AFTER the IB has taken place. I told them I thought that was a pretty stupid change - isn’t the point of IB to have everything wrapped up in one interaction? Now both guest and I have to take additional steps. He agreed it was a stupid change and unhelpful to both host and guest, but there we go.

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That’s the problem.

They don’t make them mandatory so most guests ignore or don’t answer all of them.

So I jus repeat them in my ‘thank you for choosing to stay with me’ message.