Can videos increase bookings?

Hey Hosts,

I think “real estate style” videos and neighborhood videos will help sell your pads better and for more money.

I want to test it by giving you $100.00 USD and helping you craft some cool videos.


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Only USA and Canada please!

Please comment if you have questions!

By the way, I’m trying not to spam! Just genuinely trying to do some market research.

Well coming on here and advertising your services - is actually spamming.

If you had done your market research you would know that hosts can’t upload video’s on their BNB listing - so bit of a fail on your part :frowning:


However, if you list on another service, like VRBO you can post a link to your video. I’m renting a house in Costa Rica next summer and the slick video did help sell it to me compared to similar listings.

I’m aware that they can’t upload. :wink:

I’ve hosted a few times in Toronto and San Francisco. I guess part of this thread is to discuss if Airbnb hosts think videos (which aren’t very easily consumed from the Airbnb platform) are useful?

Or if videos’ value is for all “non” airbnb hosts.

I know a lot of airbnb crosslist on multiple services. Hence the value of asking here.

Hey K9KarmaCasa,

Thanks for the reply. Maybe this type of research would be better suited for VRBO hosts… It is definitely More Video Friendly!


Do you think it would be useful to provide a neighborhood video or house manual video to your guests who book?

For example, I see your listing. Like it. book it. I get send your house manual and a video link that overviews the house, the nuances, the neighborhood, etc.

Well as a Head of Communications and Marketing for an international body I have to say if I wanted to create a video for my listing and feel it would create value for my guests…then I would create one.

I actually take them on a local tour - they love the personal touch.

And I have a beautifully produced house guide.

I’ve actually been thinking about posting a video. Also, when I have time, I want to expand beyond airbnb. I thought 'why not post on youtube ‘b&b near DC and UMD’. Do you think that would catch some viewers? I would have my airbnb link in the description so people can book with me through that avenue. Is this a ridiculous idea? Or, if I get my own website going and a method to accept payment, I could use to promote that as well. And, when I do have my own website, I could put the video there, even if I don’t go outside a booking platform.

Hey dcmooney,

Yeah we’ve seen a few hosts who have their own websites with video and embed their airbnb listing. But realistically most hosts don’t bother.

Would a BNB near DC help drive some more traffic to your listing? Probably. I don’t think it would hurt.

What we are thinking is that you should make a video to help your guests experience and help them understand the neighborhood better – which you could also use to drive some traffic.

Send you a DM by the way.

Thanks for the reply.

Personal touch is always the best. Probably hard to do if it is more of a vacation rental style.

Appreciate your inputs on the topic!

I would suggest if you want to create a video there’s lot of free software out there and you can use an iphone or similar to create your content .

You can put it up on Youtube with a description and link back to your BNB listing - and/or your own website/blog if you also want to take bookings directly.

You can also link to your listing FB so all your content is linked.

If you have a website/blog you could then create regular video content to talk about your listing/local attractions/events etc.

Thanks! That is all beyond me at the moment, but, we’ll be shut down for 2-3 weeks for construction so I hope to turn my attention to that.

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So i have high end rentals in Aspen, CO, and i had a video done, then uploaded to you tube. I then put the name of the video on my listing with instructions to goto you tube and enter the title.
Any thoughts on this?