Can there be two airbnb listings with the same address?

I need your expertise please

SC requires whenever a vacation property is sold or property manager changed, existing reservations for the next 90 days must be honored at the same terms & conditions.

Property management services ended 11/1.
There are reservations on their books. They will handle those as previously defined under the contract.
The listing is snoozed by PMC so not available for booking.
Many nights open.

Owner, now host is creating own Airbnb site. It will have the same physical address as the existing PMC listing.

Will the owner’s site be denied because of the same address as the PMC?

Of course Airbnb CS doesn’t know.

Thank you. Good info. Hoping it works that way for two hosts offering a listing at the same address.

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I can’t see why you can’t do this as long as the owner blocks out the dates that are already booked through their previous management company.

Who is handling the cleaning under this arrangement?

The property management company is supposed to follow the contract and provide linens & cleaning. The transitioning in owner/host will do the same.

It is common linens etc. delivered the morning of check in & dirties picked up after check out.

The transitioning out PMC only has 4 bookings to honor so hopefully all will work out.

We were able to verify today the PMC listing isn’t viewable/searchable/findable on Airbnb so must be snoozed.