Can Superhost status expire if your listing is off for a year?

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i tried to search the answer to my question but could not find it anywhere. anyways, i’d like to know if my superhost status is going to expire since my listing is inactive since february. it’s due to personal reasons. i am very likely to host in a near future and would really be annoyed if i’d loose my status and go through the lengthy ordeal of acquiring the status again.


What an interesting question. One supposes they will consider the previous ~active~ months, so you would still qualify.

Addendum: There is your answer below. You won’t meet the 10-guest requirement.

Yes, you will lose your Superhost status if you go a year with no guests. Here is the verbiage from the Superhosts requirements page.

Superhosts develop their hospitality style by welcoming guests frequently. You must host 10 trips within the last year.

Here is a link to the page.

I was demoted from Superhost status when I didn’t do enough bookings through Air. Even though I have a 5 star review average, they don’t care. I book through multiple platforms and have reviews on different sites.

Superhost status is not all about your reviews, but also how much business you give Air.

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thank you all for your answers. that’s bad news then. next review is in october and i guess i will be automatically demoted from the status. too bad, a lot of hard work and time invested!