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Can someone explain to me why Airbnb has so many glitches?

Right now I have problems on trying to write a review. It has been almost 2 days since my guests left and I haven´t received the notification email nor I can´t leave a review from the site. It says “Nobody to review right now”. I have checked on the community center and it seems I’m not alone. There are other hosts out there facing the same glitch.

This is just one problem but I can´t stop finding more and more. In fact, every time they make an update to the website I start felling afraid that something will break or stop working on my lisiting or in my account. I’m saying this becuase it did many times.

So, What´s up with the site? Is this high level of glitches normal for a web company?

I don’t think AirBnB is a ‘web company’, in all likelihood a real web company wrote their initial software for them. I have not encountered any glitches at all, yet. (knock on wood).

What’s the rush to review immediately? You have two weeks.

It matters a lot. Reviewing your guest encourage him/her to review you. If you are going to review your guest it is better to do it earlier than later. The trip it is still fresh on their mind so you will have more chances to get a better and more wordy review (of course if their trip was a good one).

Does it?

Not really. AirBnB reminds them often during the review period. Quite often guests have left reviews before I review them - no problem.

Do you believe the time since we or them are able to leave a review isn´t going to change the contens of the review neither the tone? I do.

I think your view on this may change after many guests…

At first I used to be like this, review my guest straight away. Then a few guests never bothered to leave me a review in return (even though Air reminds them 3x).

Now, I wait they leave me a review and if I want to leave a bad review I wait until the last hour. I don’t think it’s fair that guests potentially get a good review from me then they can’t be bothered writing one for me.

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I hardly ever leave a review unless they leave one first. I have never hosted someone I would really wanted to leave a really bad review about anyway, that after 151 bookings.

Please, don´t misunderstand me. If you read my orignal post the point was to say/report that the notification system isn´t working for me (as it is also for many users). Instead of having the chance to write my guest´s review right after the guest is gone, now I have to wait days until the reviewing time period is open to me. That said, I’m not so sure if this is a bug on the system or it is a change by design that they are testing in a few users out there. If this is a change by design then I agree with Airbnb that it is better to wait at least one day to let people write and send a review. The review that is left as soon as the stays ends might be more emotional than other one left after, say 3 days. However after many days and once the emotional weight is complety lost you might get a review that it is also more objetive but cold. This is better seen on negative reviews than on positive ones. If your guest has a horrible experience with you, his review might be more harmful if it is left as soon as he cross the door when his bad humor is still fresh on his skin.

After hosting more than 500 guests I have reach a point on where I have solid opinion on when is best to write a review for me but I don´t expect you or others share the some opinion. This is really up to the host and it is a pointless discussion .Some people will wait until the guest reviews first, others do it right after they gone, others at the very end of the reviewing period, others in the middle, etc. This really depends on when you think it is best suit to you with that particular guest. Neverless, I would like to say that for me the time you decide to leave a review has an effect (even a littel one) on the kind of review you get back.

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