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Can some explain what Fenced Bookings are (expedia)


Our home has been doing well on Booking.com (as well as Air), so I thought I’d branch out to Expedia, now that we have channel manager software.
I’m a little confused about what the 10% for a fenced booking means. Is it in addition to the 15%?
Any help before I proceed would be great, thank you

Compensation. The Compensation Percentage shall be 15.0%.
Fenced Bookings. The Fenced Booking Percentage shall be 10.0%. The Fenced Booking Percentage is a discount You provide beyond the amount You would otherwise receive for an Expedia Collect Booking or a Hotel Collect Booking.


You drop 10% and they charge 15% and don’t forget the credit card fees as well!


thanks, do I HAVE to drop the price?


I am listed on expedia and I am only paying 15% commission (same as booking.com). you can be with a special listing and paying 10% extra but you are not obliged to do it.


thank you @sylvainbg


What company are you using? Are you happy so far?




How is Expedia? What channel manager do you use? Must one have a channel manager with expedia or can calendars be synced?

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