Can/Should I create a new listing?

My husband and I toyed with the idea of doing Airbnb years ago with our vacation home. He created the account, put in the words, and then had a stroke (not associated with the listing). Thus the listing sat “unlisted” for a long time. Recently I picked up the pieces and am almost ready to move forward after a few repairs and interior painting. I asked for advise on the listing, words, and pictures and see I have a lot of work left to do with regards to getting it listed.

My question is related to the new listing bump that I’ve read about. With the listing being created and not listed, then made active for people to see and critique, and now snoozed while I finish my work…have I lost the new listing bump?

I have yet to rent through Air so it’s not like I’ll be loosing reviews.

Is it possible to do? Is it a hassle? Is it needed or advised?

Since the prior listing never went live it doesn’t count so you can continue work on the existing account. When I started I kept having trouble finding the listing I started so I’d make a new one. I had 4 listings and it took me awhile to figure out how to delete them.

I did take it live so I could get criticism of the listing a few weeks back. I had the calendar blocked and since snoozed the listing.

Ah yes, I recall now. I’m not sure since you never had a booking. I’d call air and ask them.

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