Can people be in my Airbnb photos?

It seems all photos people use for Airbnb have no people in them. Is this a rule? Can I have people in my photos to better show scale/use of the space?

You can do whatever you want. I think the conversation rate (ie. people booking) is lower though since they are looking for a space rather than someone to live with.

Agree with tom2. The furniture will show scale and use of space so there’s no need for people. Plus, visitors will automatically make associations or assumptions based on the people they see in the photos, and not always for the better. Better leave the people out.

If you’re worried about visitors not understanding what each room is used for, consider getting a home staging consultant to advise you on arranging your furniture. You more than likely have the proper furniture/accessories for each room, but a professional (or at least someone who isn’t intimately connected with your home) can help you rearrange so that the layout is most pleasing and obviously shows what each room is intended for.

Appreciate your opinions. Tom2, where did you get the info that conversion rates are lower for photos that have people? Is this just your opinion.

I find it a little ironic that you guys would assume that people in photos is bad. The front page of Airbnb is all about people in spaces. Every magazine you pick up is people in spaces and clothes. People like people.

I was just curious if Airbnb allowed people in photos. Sounds like they do.

The idea of photographing someone in the listing is a nice one, although I don’t think it’s really necessary - Airbnb sent a photographer to picture my entire listing, and I don’t feel it leaves any doubts about sizes, heights etcetera. The eye automatically use chairs and doors as a sizing reference.

@Gibby I haven’t ran any hard experiments with person in vs. not but the listings that have people in them they either a.) tend to charge less or b.) have less reviews.

But maybe you can share your findings for us? We are too lazy to retake pictures of the same settings but with us in it =p

I wouldn’t. They don’t want to picture their vacation place with strangers using it. Look at a hotel’s web site for example. They never show people in the rooms usually, and if they do it’s in an ancillary way.

We we changed our pictures & used nude models (male & female).

Then we doubled the room rate - bookings went through the roof!

(Just kidding!)



A lot of Cuban airbnb rentals have people in them. I found it kind of endearing, actually.

I regularly photograph happy departing guests. These are always bags-packed, front-porch farewell shots. Some are quite happy to get copies. Had been thinking of including a few with our regular photos, I’d need permission of course, but it might add to the nice feelings we’ve shared… dunno, maybe overkill. Low priority at this point,

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Hi @Gibby,

I’ve seen pictures of happy guests with hosts in Airbnb photos. It doesn’t seem like a bad idea to me; it generally gives the impression people had a good time. If you think guests might be put off by seeing other people in the space they are thinking of occupying, perhaps take pictures of guests + host (or whatever) somewhere outside or in a restaurant? Or maybe in the common space? This does depend a bit on whether the people in question are photogenic/photograph well.

I don’t have strong views about this - my own listing only has one shot with a person in it; and that’s me. I hate being photographed. The only reason that is in there is that the Airbnb photographer said that guests like to see a photo of the person who will be hosting.

Regards, Faheem Mitha