Can I use a new contact number to apply a new Airbnb account after the first account being banned for unknown reason?

Hi everyone , I’m new to Airbnb and just about to get my unit listed on Airbnb…while I doing research on Airbnb about the occupancy rate Of my area , not sure whether I’ve viewed too many ads on Airbnb , suddenly popped out a message saying that my account is currently under review by Airbnb team , and the next day when I tried to login the account , it says my account has been deactivated…this was my first account.
After that I registered a new email and apply a new Airbnb account with using the same IP Address, contact number, and same identity verification which is my driving license as all the info being used are just same with the first account. But soon the second account was being banned as well.
Is anyone knows how does Airbnb detect and ban account ? I heard some saying the same IP address does matter , we need to use another IP address while trying to apply a new Airbnb account. And I believe that contact number must be an important issue for Airbnb to track and flag the account hence I’ve an idea of using a new contact number to proceed. Is this works ? And lastly is the identity verification plays important role in this part too ? Am I still able to use my driving license for the new account ?
Thanks for reading for this long story and hope someone could really help as I’ve been searching around the internet for few days.
Thank you

You need everything new including your ID …damn near impossible to do and if you are found out…

Perhaps it’s your address. Some cities do not allow AirBnB rentals.

You have created two posts asking similar things, one about your government ID and this one. This is confusing for people who are tying to help you. I don’t know how Airbnb verifies your account. There are people forum members who have created more than one account, maybe they will answer your question.

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Seems like your first step should be ask Airbnb Customer Service why your account was deactivated and if they don’t answer continue to push up the chain until you get an answer. You will need to contact Airbnb. This is not an Airbnb sponsored group. It is a separate chat forum.

I get the feeling that he doesn’t care why, he just wants to know how to get around it.