Can i still get credit for host referral?

I been reading alot of old online posts about a $75 credit for referring a host but i dont see anything offical about it on the app. all i see is the $35 credit for when the person takes their first trip.

It would be a shame if they got rid of it as i know alot of people that would probably like to host.

I think it’s $100 now.

Really that is awesome i dont see anything on the terms of agreement about it… maybe i should look again.

I believe the offer is shown right after you’ve given a guest a review. A window pops up that says something like “Refer someone to be a host!”

Of course I would imagine the person has to actually sign up before they give you any $. I can never think of anyone to refer. I try! But can’t convince any of my friends so far.

I just found this on the Airbnb site:

Share your love of travel
When a friend travels on Airbnb, you both get $35 in travel credit. When they welcome their first guest, you get $75 in travel credit. See Terms & Conditions

Thanks for the reply. Im thinking of just going around and explaining it to people in a professional manner. I live in southern California and in an area that hasn’t really been exploited so maybe that is good or maybe not.

I just reviewed a guest and when I was finished I got that window asking if I wanted to refer someone to be a host. Here’s a cut and paste of the wording:

“Earn $100 for each new host you refer
Invite your friends to host. You both earn a bonus when they host a trip.”

Sweet! I wonder if the window poped up because of your host status. This week will be my first time as guess so hopefully i get the same pop up window. Can anyone chime in if they received the same notification as a guess?