Can I skip a review?

I’m hosting my first very difficult renter, and depsite everything I’ve tried to make her happy, I know that she’s going to leave a bad review. If I don’t review her, hers won’t post, right? Is there a penalty to me as a host, for not reviewing her?

Her review will go live at 14 days after the end of the reservation whether or not you have written a review for her. There is no penalty as a host if you choose not to review If her review goes live at 14 days you will have no time to respond to her’s.

No, her review will appear whether or not you review her. There is no penalty if you don’t review her but for the sake of other hosts you should do. Remember that guest reviews from hosts are there for the express reason to warn other hosts.

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Thanks. I didn’t know that. I guess I need to just bite the bullet and deal with a bad review. Thank you.

Good point. Thanks.

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She did not read my description thoroughly, and missed the fact that our space is a separate unit in our house (she thought she was getting the whole house), and that it was on the second level. She did not check her email, and missed my check-in instructions until she was very frustrated. Once she was in, she got angry that we didn’t provide account log-ins for netflix, hulu, etc. (we don’t claim to).

I shared our personal netflix acct with her, and refunded her $100 as an apology for the misunderstanding and her frustration. She’s still clearly not happy (her family speaks when I see them, but she stares straight ahead). I think I’ve done all I can do.

It’s maddening when there is an entire house option and a private room option. How hard is it to use? Or is the problem that yours is a self contained unit with a private entrance but she didn’t realize you lived in the same building?

Does she have any previous reviews? Please give her an honest review so she can either correct her behavior or stop using Airbnb.

The problem is not you it is her. I would leave a review stating all the things you just told,us. This is not a guest any of us would want.

Our rental unit is a full apartment on the second floor of our home. It has a separate entrance (and full private deck), but obviously, we live downstairs. She didn’t realize that, and doesn’t like it.

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Oh cry me a river…

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If you are concerned with her review - you can do what I did and wait to review her until the 14th day before her review goes live automatically.

It makes me wonder why. I can understand that guests would be upset if they expected a separate apartment but found that they were sharing it, but to a good guest, it shouldn’t matter that the host is downstairs. After all, with an apartment, someone is going to be downstairs or upstairs or at one side or the other. I’d wonder what the guests wanted to get up to without the host knowing.

This is why I always mention - in the listing and in communication - that I live right opposite the rental. It keeps certain guests at bay. :slight_smile:

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