Can I rent my apartment at $0 per night?

What is the minimum price I can set for my house? Can I rent it at no charge if the guest meets special conditions: handicapped, veteran etc

Thanks in advance.

If you rent it for 0 dollars- how will Airbnb get their pound of flesh?

You can’t automate the system to check those parameters and under those conditions offer a free stay. You’ll need to add a note in your description and then manage free nights manually through special offers or refunds.

I think you need to charge a minimum 10 USD per night

You could offer the difference ($10 minus airbnb fees- I’m assuming you don’t want to end up paying people to stay with you) in a gift card to a local restaurant or coffee shop.

Some folks don’t like charity, but everyone likes a gift card. :smiley: Plus, then you support a local business.

If you want to let someone stay free of charge, just block off the room for those dates and invite the person.

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You can’t because the system will block all contact details. If it it’s for emergency situations like hurricanes or whatever, Air usually has a donation program for guests. Also, guests will have to pay the service fee.

This is no longer the case. When AirBNB does the disaster program now, they waive the fees.


Good point, thanks…

Contact Airbnb and they will probably set up something for you. You might want to have the reservation in the system.

Yes… I am sorry, my answer wasn’t clear. I meant if you wanted to give it away, disaster or not, they would still have to pay the service fees.

Thanks for the help, really appreciate it