Can I offer reservation to one person?

Hello! Is there a way to offer a reservation to a single person. I have a friend of a friend that I want to give a deal to. I have the dates blocked out so they can stay there, but I want them to book through airbnb so I can get a review too.

What is the best way to go about this?



Send them the link to your unit. Ask them to inquire on it. Once they inquire, you can preapprove them or send them a special offer. (You will have to open your dates for them to book I believe)

The link you send will look something like:
(The number at the end is your listing number.)
If you are on a phone, go to your listing and you can click the “send to” link, and you get a shortened link - and you could easily text/email them the link.

Make sure if you click on your “preview listing” you remove the “junk” after your listing number. (the ? is the start of the “junk” I am referring to)

Also - if your friend of a friend doesn’t have an airbnb account, make sure you also send them a “referral” link so you get a credit after the book.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll give it at try:-)

First thing you should do is tell this person that they need to sign up for an Airbnb Account.

Then send them your listing link.

Then clear your calendar.

Then phone them and tell them to book.

When they enquire, you’ll be able to send them a special offer if you want them to have ‘mate’s rates’ rather than your regular price. :slight_smile:

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