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Can I negotiate cancellation fees with airbnb?


I had a family number suddenly need a place to stay this time last year and had to cancel 3 bookings, well in advance.
I have since taken a break from hosting and having just returned I’m seeing 3 - €47 on my future transactions.
Has anyone gotten this waived? I had never cancelled before this.


Your reason for canceling is not considered an extenuating circumstance. Pay better attention to Airbnb’s tos. You will have less chance of being penalized by them. You probably will have to take this one on the chin.


Air does NOT negotiate anything… You cancelled without a good reason according to the rules. Your ‘bad’. You lose.


Was the family member evicted? Ill? Something else that might be considered “extenuating”? My philosophy is it never hurts to ask, you might hit the jackpot with customer service. Something like “My family member had an emergency and I had to cancel bookings awhile back, and I had to stop hosting for awhile. I am just now able to resume hosting, and looking forward to putting my space back on the Airbnb market, but the three penalty fees are quite a financial hardship for me. Can you do something to waive or reduce them?”


What is considered a priori a good reason to cancel then? Even if it is a lie. Asking for a friend.

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