Can i modify a review of a guest to remove a name?

Apparently a recent guest needs me to remove the name of her friend from my glowing review of her… I think since she changed her name to ‘Mrs’ from her real name, that there might be some conflict. Can i do this? Or what can be done?

I don’t know the answer but just to say that I only review a person in a picture. If there is one person, I never put for example, Jim and his girlfriend.

Hi Bob_Blank,

Here is a link to the details regarding editing a review:

I had this happen once before. I had a gay couple stay with me, and after our reviewers were published, I found out he’s closeted and didn’t want people to find out he’s in a couple with another man. I had to contact AirBnB and explain that I was worried I violated the terms of service by compromising his right to privacy. They were really nice about it and agreed to remove the names. Since then like Ayana I only use the name of the person whose account is attached to the review.


I contacted them last night and after a bit of discussion the gentleman I was talking to said that he would have air call or email me with their decision. Has anyone gotten that far with them and any idea about how long it will be before they contact me?

Bob… sounds like an Ashley Madsion situation! I often wonder if my guests are here with secret flings! No-tell Motel? :slight_smile:

Yana, you are right and so is Jack… Unless I know they are a married couple, I think I will only leave a review of the person on the account!

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