Can I make a guest leave when the payment came through? (damage on property)

Hi guys!
I have 2 guests, they booked a long stay, around 3 weeks, they’re 3 days in and they already broke the sink in a brand new apartment.
Can I just make them leave? Can I just refund the days they have left? What can I do?
Thank you.

Oh dear! How bad is the sink…the stopper lever doesn’t function, or they’ve ripped the hole thing off the wall? If it’s a brand new apartment, had you tested it all, ie, stayed there, so you’re confident the sink worked in the first place? Do the guests know they’ve been bad?
Ring Airbnb

They’ve ripped the whole thing, I mean, we used the apartment and even stayed there a few times and it was fine, they said it just felt off.
Honestly I’m kind of confused on what to do.

Ring Airbnb to discuss and ask them to remove these people before they create more damage; sinks don’t just fall off the wall. Can you get a photo of it? Have you been able to see the damage for yourself? Did they report it to you in a message? I think I would refund as little as possible, after they have paid for repairs and your loss of earnings.

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They sent me a message late at night, with a picture of the sink just in the floor, couldn’t go right away since it was way too late and the property is not that close, so I’m going on the morning as soon as I can.
I’ll call Airbnb also, but since I know they take a lot of time resolving issues, can I just tell them that I rather have them just go?
Thanks for the help tho!

Perhaps one of them was sitting on it … like practising for the Mile High club …?


The Mile High Club crossed my unsanitary mind too…

You need to give Air your reason for wanting them out, so you need to explain what has happened immediately; they won’t simply remove them without good reason, and you have one! Tell them that you have a photo of the damaged sink, and that you are going to inspect the damage this morning. Then ask them remove these people from your property, so that you can bring a tradesman in to repair the sink at speed. Say you will be claiming for the damage caused, that you understand this may take some time, but time is now of the essence to carry out repairs.

Good luck!

A sink shouldn’t just fall off the wall. Since your place is new, I wonder if it was installed correctly? It should even be able to withstand a “Mile high club” event.

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