Can I edit one unit to another same building different photos etc

Hi from Northern Thailand
We have two units in the same building, one of which we use ourselves and one of which we put on AirBNB for a trial last spring.
We have now a friend staying in the AirBnB unit for a year, and we thought we’d Airbnb the other unit instead and we can still use in between rentals.
It means most of the description and the out-of-unit photos are identical.

So I thought I’d just try editing the first listing and not cancelling and restarting.
This seemed OK until it cmd to the photos.
I don’t see any way to delete/replace photos…and BTW the edit of the summary of the condo didn’t seem to go through.

What’s my best course?
Can I indeed edit the lot, save some hassle and keep my reviews intact?
Or, how do I cancel a listing, and, if I do, do I lose out in anyway, like for reviews.
I should add the new room is substantially nicer than the first which it self got very good reviews.

Thanks for all advice!

One more thing…
i can’t find anywhere to cancel a listing…where is it please?
And will oold reviews still stay available?

You can unlist a listing so the information isn’t deleted. Yes, you can edit your “Airbnb” listing so it reflects your new photos, etc.

Here is a link to the Airbnb articles which tell you how to do it:

Thanks Evelyn!

I ended up copying and pasting a lot of the details into a new listing with it’s own photos.
I’ve then unlisted the first unit.
Only problem is although the first unit is unlisted it still shows…on thinking though I guess that’s just on my own private “your listings” and no one else can see?