Can I accept and fulfill a reservation request when my listing is snoozed question

If a listing is snoozed, and a reservation request is sent, will accepting that reservation work?

This question was answered previously here but not sure if it is current. @Annet3176

How could a request be sent for a property that is snoozed? Snoozing makes it non-visible.

I have a friend who cannot host guests due to a medical situation at this time but I want to send them some money. I was hoping that sending them a reservation request, and having the friend accept, would provide them income. I was going to use an almost-expired superhost voucher.

I have the friend’s listing info etc

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Presumably it couldn’t, as @Annet3176 said that the listing wouldn’t even show up in search results.

The other day, here on the forum, a member showed her listing but then said she snoozed it.

Well, I had opened her listing, and immediately after she said she snoozed it and for days after, I could still access it. Maybe she hadn’t snoozed it or un-snoozed it quickly?

I think you can also access a listing if you know its ‘ID’ referring to that number in its URL. So I don’t know if someone who knew that ID could open the listing.

All this does seem a bit theoretical. For practical purposes I would think the answer is ‘no’ BUT we could do a test with one of us, armed with the URL, and accessing the listing pre-snooze, could see if the listing is still active post-snooze, and separately see if the snoozed listing could be accessed with its URL.

@Rolf, would you like us to do this experiment? If so, please provide link to your listing. After confirmation that we have opened it and its URL you could snooze it and we’ll see.

Is your friend incapacitated to the point that they are unable to deal with their listing? If not, get them to block all the future dates available except for the dates you are going to input, unsnooze it so you can send the request, then snooze it again after the booking is confirmed.

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She can unsnooze it so that you can make the reservation and use your superhost voucher. Once received, she can delist again.

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Your idea is the simplest!

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Sadly, yes - lots of medication. I was hoping that all the friend would have to do is answer their emailed reservation request and that would be all needed. Working within the listing etc is not possible at this time

Unless they can give you access to their account so you can unsnooze it. Don’t know if you are close enough friends for that.

If they are medicated to the point they couldn’t unsnooze their account, how would they be able to sign in and accept a request?

It’s just that the friend has come out of some major surgery situations, and does not have a very good focus. Yes, it’s easier if I describe over the phone, all the steps to take, but it’s extremely difficult for this person. Many times the medication to make you feel confused and befuddled and that’s what’s happening to this friend, anyway, I would like to make the reservation request and I’m just wondering if I do that will it be acceptable?

There is no way for you to put in a reservation request to a snoozed listing.

UPDATE: Yes, you CAN make a reservation request on a snoozed listing! I just did it on my friend’s listing!

I had the link for the listing and put it into my web browser. Then, checked off the dates and made the request. As I said before, my friend has great difficulty now and this was ez pz.

Thanks everyone for the input - lots of clever ideas that I am sure will be useful!