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Can hosts and guests see posted reviews immediately?

The answer to this question may be documented somewhere, but I haven’t found it.

I know hosts and guests have 24 hours to post reviews. But suppose I post my host review first, (which has been the case for the 4 visits I’ve hosted so far), will the guest be able to see the review immediately before he or she posts his or her review?

And vice versa, if the guest was to post his or her review first, would I be able to see it immediately before posting mine?

No. They can’t see yours until they post theirs. After 14 days, however, they can whether you posted one or not.

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Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification. So, sorta like poker, then. Or maybe not - I’ve never played.

When Air first started it was like Wimdu is now. The reviews were just posted when they were posted and you could read the one of you and respond…and typically it remained civil and kind of not that big a deal like it is now.


I see. When did that change?

About four years ago or so… ??

I think it changed in 2013

Ok. Thanks @konacoconutz and @Maggieroni.

Just keep aiming for a five star review and it really doesn’t matter when that one gets posted.

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