Can host change dates without penalty

We accepted a booking for our holiday cottage for 7 nights next April, but didn’t notice that it was for Sat to Sat. Friday is our changeover day, and the guest is happy to switch to Friday to Friday same week. What’s the best way to make the change without guest or host being penalised?

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I believe you can go into the booking confirmation and amend the dates. This will then send the change to the guest and then the guest can accept the change.

If this doesn’t work, I would give Airbnb a call and see what they advise.

many thanks, Helsi
Looks as though it’s worked. A nice big button labelled CHANGE RESERVATION.
Should have mentioned that we have a holiday cottage in Northern England.

I’m in Bristol.

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It only works if the guests accept the change. You’ll receive a notification if they do.

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