Can anyone recommend a good person or housemanagement company in Budapest

Hi. I am new in this forum. I have a flat in Budapest near Octogon since 15 years. I would like to rent it out on Airbnb. I contacted some housekeeping companies but I get confused because they all seem to want the flat to be modernized according to their in my opinion somewhat glossy taste. I have valuable antiques mixed with new and comfortable beds and furniture’s. I have worked with home interior in Norway for years so I get a bit frustrated and I do not want a nespresso machine there either. Puh. So… Can anyone recommend a more flexible company or a reliable person to manage my renting? Thank you in advance

Imo, remove all “valuable antiques” and anything else you care about.

If you are not a shared home host, remove everything personal and valuable, especially the antiques.

Your potential guests want coffee and tea and expect it. What are you offering instead? Be prepared for a lot of feedback that you don’t have great amenities.

There is a fully equipped kitchen, french coffe maker, brewer, teapots and free tea and coffee of course. It is just I want to keep the style and to be able to live there inbetween myself. So I am looking for a reliable company or person that can manage the flat without I have to change it. It has all amenities, a wonderful new king size continental bed, expensive linen and it is a luxury flat, just in a laidback nordic style and taste that I want to keep. The airbnb started out like a housesharing, and I want to keep it my flat even if I rent out. Nevertheless I need help because I do not live permanent in Budapest

Then it sounds like you need to make compromises. Decide what is more important, a crash pad in Budapest or STR income. Once you make that decision, your courses of action will be more obvious.


It sounds lovely.


I sort of have my cake and eat it too. I have an “all-business” STR at my primary residence, but I have a second home in an urban area. I have decorated it nicely in my style. I do not list that property on Airbnb, I STR by word of mouth only. My target market is friends, family, friends of family, and family of friends! I did make it super guest-friendly (lots of charging cords, games, multiple ways to make coffee, book of local recommendations, subway and grocery cards, etc.) but it’s like a secret society. This allows me to control who is there, not risk my furnishings, and to supervise repair and maintenance and clean it myself in between guests, as I’m there once or twice a month. I make enough to cover the property taxes, which is good enough for me, your situation may be different.

This is pretty much my situation. Thank you so much for sharing. Now I just hope to find someone to maintain it while I am In Norway. I will be in Norway since I rent out a house on Airbnb there as well. Thank you for summing up my thinking
Regards Anne
And if anyone knows a person or suitable as gency. Again, let me know