Can an Airbnb host see your future bookings?

Just wondering… It seems like a bit of a privacy concern. Just wondering what a host can see and what they can’t.


Are you a host or a guest?

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Why on earth would you want to know that? Sorry but it seems a bit weird to join a forum especially to ask what is a rather bizarre question.

You mean can another host see your bookings?

Very strange. Please explain.

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I get it. Our guests that arrived today stayed at a different villa for the past few nights. If I could see their booking, I’d have some idea of what they might expect of our home - and whether we are the upgrade or the downgrade property


Ah, is that it? When I saw the question ‘can an Airbnb host see your future bookings’ I assumed it didn’t include the current one. Is that right @ElEscandalo?

It would add a whole new dimension to hosting :slight_smile:

I mean as an Airbnb host, can I see the future bookings of someone- for instance if they are seeking to cancel a reservation, claiming they had to cancel the trip and would like a refund- can I see if they have booked other accommodations in the coming days?

No the host can’t see that. But Airbnb can and they are ultimately in charge of refunds, in accordance with the cancellation policy of the host of course.

@ElEscandalo - it seems that you’re pretty unsure about how Airbnb works. Are you thinking of becoming a host? If so, you’re in the right place :slight_smile:

Short answer is that anyone can see a hosts bookings.


Huh? No. Anyone can see a host’s calendar which isn’t the same…and edit to add given puppylovers post, anyone can see reviews. But review and bookings aren’t the same either.

This is another of those posts where someone we don’t know asks a question and offers far too little information about why they are asking it.

If you suspect this is going on, you can go periodically to the guest profile over the next two weeks and eventually if a neighbor host gets a review, yes, you will know where they went if not the exact day they started there.

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Ok thank you to everyone. Yes I am new and unfamiliar with how this works.

So welcome to the Forum. It’s an absolute goldmine for learning about hosting and how Airbnb works, including all its little foibles. It’s worth spending time using the search function to find answers to questions you may have. The greatest thing is that because we are are a worldwide community, if you are facing an immediately tricky situation, someone will usually be around to help out with advice anytime of day or night.

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Yes, you are correct. That said, I was meaning bookings in the sense of which days are booked, not the detail behind them. It was late, and the guests flight was late and I was grumpy at having to check them in at 1am.


You can’t see what days are booked. You can only see if days are available or not. They might appear to be unavailable due to being booked or blocked. If I want to spy on the competition it’s frustrating but it comes in really handy when I block a day so I can tell an unwanted visitor that the room is not available.

Oh sure. It’s probably a virtual hangover from yesterday’s party.

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Aye, too much virtual Oloroso, too much virtual cerveza…

The reality was too much actual red wine :wine_glass:


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This sort of relates to something I’ve been wondering about.

Let’s say a guest is taking an extended trip and stopping in different cities, using Airbnb along the way. He booked the stays fairly far in advance. Then, on his first stay he’s terrible. He breaks rules left and right and does major damage.

The host contacts Airbnb to make a claim and eventually writes a 1-star review. Does Airbnb do anything to warn the next hosts he already has bookings with?

These hosts checked him out months ago, when he requested to book. At that time he didn’t have any bad reviews. They don’t know what’s headed their way.

The first host certainly can’t warn them, because he doesn’t know where the guy is booked in the future.

Where is Airbnb is all of this?

No. Anecdotal evidence says that they don’t even do anything even if the guest is terrible times ten. Someone here reported some creep rented her place and got kicked out and then went to another place in town.

In a dark room with a translucent green visor, smoking a cigarette and counting the money.


I know that I’m Ms Rose Coloured Glasses here but I think it’s remarkably unlikely that someone would book a roadtrip in advance using Airbnb and then behave disgracefully on his very first port of call.

As far as he knows, the first host screams to Airbnb and all the rest of his places get cancelled. He doesn’t know that wouldn’t happen. And I suppose that Airbnb have to make allowances for the fact that the first host could be a loony. It’s not just guests who have nutjob tendencies :slight_smile:

They really don’t care. They have a confirmed booking and the guests’ money. Their interest is in preserving the reservation. They’re not going to rock the boat by volunteering information that could jeopardize it.

I’ve even read cases where Host 1 got fed up and called CS to boot a bad guest. Customer service puts some lipstick on that turd and rehomes them with Host 2, presenting it as “this poor guest was cancelled on by a very mean host” :pleading_face:

Your point is an excellent reminder to re-check a guest’s reviews before their stay.

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