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Can a reservation request that has not been accepted be modified?

https://www.airbnb.co.in/help/article/801/can-i-make-changes-to-a-pending-reservation-request suggests not. It says you have to cancel the request and make a new one.
If that is correct, does anyone know why this is not possible?

What do you want to change? If you agreed something with a guest, you can make a special offer.

In the example I had in mind, the guest put 1 person instead the correct number of 2. I could have made a special offer, I suppose (the issue is resolved, so it is a moot point), but it would be more natural for him to change it from his end, since he made the error.

Anyway, my question is just for my general reference.

It can be modified and if you say it requires the request to be cancelled and then a new one made, then the procedure is the same as last year which is when I went through that circus act.

I received a request to book for 8 nights and the couple would be arriving in 10 days. They asked politely whether I would consider a little courtesy on the rate. They didn’t suggest a number and although I don’t give discounts, I took everything into con$ideration (ka-ching!) and agreed to give them $100 break. They were gushingly grateful which by the way, is the perfect reaction.

Then the “fun” started with the attempts to do a Special Offer. After each of us trying all sorts of things and pushing every button in sight, and with the 24-hr deadline looming, I threw in the towel and asked them to cancel their request and we would start from scratch.

What I did was adjust my rate for those days, they sent a new request at that rate and I accepted. The end result actually gave them a few more dollars but the deal was done. They gave me a terrific review and left the place immaculate but…I don’t do Special Offers anymore or specialized hoop jumping.

I did one yesterday.

Guests want to stay one day with 2 guests and the other 5 days with three.
The asked me if they could avoid the extra fee for the 3rd guest on the 1st day.

I agreed and just made it 6 days for 3 guests, put in the new price and hit the “send special offer” button.
They wil receive the special offer and only have to accept it.
No problems at all.

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