Can a guest search my listing by number?

I rent both the garden apartment (max 3 guests) to our house and the upstaird loft room. I have an enquiry for 4 guests in the apartment, and want to tell her that this is not possible, but suggest she books both the apartment and the loft.

Can you suggest the easiest way to point her to the other listing (the loft) on the ABB website? Because we’re new and don’thave any reviews yet there isn’t anything that says “This host has reviews for other properties.” I know each listing has a number but I can’t see a way to search by that.

Thanks in advance - any suggestions gratefully received!

If they click on your profile link, it will display all of the properties you operate.

Hmm, I also thought it would, but it doesn’t … I’ve just had two people check. I think perhaps this only happens when you have some reviews.

In that case, they can type in the number for your alternate listing as the last portion of the URL. The only question is whether or not it would get through the filter.

Just quote the full name of the listing. I.e. “Loft with poolside view”, or whatever. If she sticks it into Google along with the word “Airbnb”, then dollars to doughnuts Google will bring it up. Alternatively, quote the number that appears at the end of the url fo that listing. I assume that the issue is that Airbnb blanks out URLs in messages?

I doubt that’s the case. I would check with Airbnb. If true, it sounds like a bug to me.

I doubt Airbnb censors random integers.

You would be surprised. It regularly censors the digits in my WiFi password…

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Impressive. Maybe they have an AI censoring messages. Soon it will transcend and take over the net. Remember, you read it here first.

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They do have an AI censoring tool that removes text that suggest you’re trying to process the payment off-AirBnB - i.e. phone numbers and email addresses before the guest is booked, and terms like Paypal, venmo etc.

I just saw a listing where the owners put the URL to his other place in his ‘interaction with guests’ section. Maybe URLs aren’t censored there? It’s not clickable but a potential guests can simply copy and paste. It reads:

Pls note, the barn is one of 2 dwellings on this parcel; the other is a cabin/tiny home about 75 feet away (

If all else fails just block out the dates on the loft and let her book it when she arrives for the other rental.

Thanks, that,s more or less what we’ve done now. And thanks to everyone for the rest of the advice!