Can a guest post a review after the 14 day period?

Hi All… We just had a letter from a guest that stayed just over 2 weeks ago… They were from Australia on a tour here in England and had stayed in several airbnb’s all over Europe and they have written to say that they really want to leave a review and didn’t realise that they had run out of time until they got back to Australia… They have asked us to find out if there is any way they can still leave a review… If anyone can help with any info we would be very grateful :slight_smile: Thanks

I would contact Air and ask. Send them a copy of the guests’ message

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In general a guest cannot leave a review after the designated review period. AirBnB does a great job of reminding hosts and guests to leave reviews but after initial period after a guests stay neither the host or guest can leave a review but if a guest leaves you a review, you also have a period to respond. Whether a review is good or bad about your property, I’d recommend that you respond to thank them for the great review or address their concerns.

Thank you for your response, much appreciated :)… I should have mentioned the message was in the form of a handwritten letter all the way from Australia!.. The guests were a wonderful older couple who were not at all familiar with technology and I dont think they would have been looking at their phones/tablets while they were on their trip… I will probably contact airbnb and see if they can find a way to allow them to do their review, we have no problems with not having one as they sent us a wonderful letter full of praise but they are disappointed that they havent left one… Just having them take the trouble to write was thanks enough but we thought we would ask anyway… Thanks again for your help :slight_smile: