Can a guest leave a review if he cancels after staying two days( out of five that he booked)


I had a bad experience recently. My guests from Norway booked the apt. for 5 nights and after two nights they say that the apt is “too low standard”.(I am in Albania which is a third world country). I asked them what’s wrong and I got a response "the bathroom is not at our standard, or there is nothing to sit on the balcony, while there are 5 chairs that you can take them anywhere in the room or even in the beach outside. Anyways when I asked them whats wrong with the bathroom I got no response just that they want to leave and the place is not adequate. The pictures of the apt. are all made with my phone, no photoshop no special effects or anything. Every guest that has left a review said that it is exactly as in the pictures(8 guests). Will these guests be able to leave a review? I have 8 good reviews now and a bad one would really mess it up for me. Any suggestions? any experiences?

Yes the guests will be able to leave a review and so will you.

I do hope you summarised any discussions on Airbnb messaging so there is a clear record.

Have they asked for their money back.

In your situation I wouldn’t leave a review until they do or wait until the very last minute.

As long as you make it clear your chairs can be taken outside and to the balcony and your description of your bathroom and phots were clear, then you should be fine.

If they ask for a refund, I wouldn’t be inclined to give them one. Don’t be concerned about a bad review. You can refund them and…

… they can still leave you a bad review. (sorry lost my connection).

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Thanks for the reply. They did not ask for a refund, just said “What can we do” and I said there is nothing to do, if you want to cancel that is up to you. They cancelled their reservation immediately but they said that they want to leave tomorrow morning. I looked it up and Airbnb states that if you cancel the reservation you have to leave that same day. I don’t have a problem with them staying, it is just that i have the feeling they will write a bad review. Even if I contact Airbnb, they won’t be able to remove it? Thanks again.

Whoops! Helsi has gone before finishing but I totally agree with her. Don’t give a refund, make sure everything is documented on the Air messaging system and leave them a factual review. If people from Norway have no understanding that Albania is a third world country, they need a lobotomy… If they leave a poor review, it will soon disappear over the summer, no worries.


And please something else, they canceled 5 hours ago, and while I’m looking through Airbnb it does not give me the permission to leave a review (like in the other cases when the hosts have fully stayed, and it’s in the messages where it says "leave a review "). Just in case, where should I look for it?

It won’t have come through so quickly. Go and chill, have a nice glass of wine and be glad they have left.

Thats the funny part :joy: they haven’t even left :joy:. They canceled but asked to stay up until tomorrow. Thanks again.

This isn’t good. Either it’s so awful they don’t want to be there or it’s not.

Document this on Airbnb messaging to say that you are kindly agreeing for them to stay until tomorrow even though they have cancelled the booking… They shouldn’t have cancelled until they were leaving.

Call Airbnb and confirm that the guests are still with you and have asked to stay until the morning.

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I’m not quite sure why you think they’ll leave you a bad review. They say that the bathroom is not to their standard but that the photographs on your listing is accurate. So they got what they had seen on your listing. Presumably too the listing says that the chairs can be used on the balcony so there’s no need to worry.

If they leave you a bad review it’s no big deal but I don’t see why they should.

Well it is all documented the moment of the cancelation and they asking to stay. I cannot kick them out can I? Since they paid for it they can stay. I wrote them the rule of cancelation that they have to leave that same day but they did not reply. I am meeting them tomorrow at ten to have the key back. I dont mind the staying I mind the bad review.

They said this is not good, you should change the description in your listing( they didnt specify, or said anything else) they seemed too dissapointed and if they say that on the review im doomed. And to be honest this is the first time someone spoke harsh and did not like my apt. It is really cute and beachfront. You can even see sunset and sunrise. Anyways thank you so much for the advices everyone.

No you’re not. If I’m looking at a listing and see a bunch of good reviews and then a bad one I think that the person who wrote it is the problem, not the host. If your listing is accurate then potential guests will; see that. I can be pretty scathing about dumb guests from time to time but the fact of the matter is that most have the intelligence to read between the lines of a bad review.