Camera in lobby

A camera in the lobby of the building, filmed a guest pouring beer on to the carpets and into shoes of other people.

I contacted airbnb and sent them the footage expecting them to deal with the guest, instead they totally ignored the issue with the guest and instead opened a case against me for having an undisclosed camera (there is a sign in the lobby but not mentioned in listing). They are even threatening to suspend my account.

Any tips on how to deal with this issue?
I am surprised that a camera in the lobby/entrance of the building, not even near the apartment, has to be reported and listed!

Sorry but this is a violation of their clearly stated policy. I know it sucks but you can’t expect them to follow policy in dealing with the guest but you don’t have to follow policy.

People have definitely reported having their account suspended and bookings canceled for this so you’d best hope they don’t do that to you. Let it go about the guest, just give him a bad review.

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Hold your hands up to the breach of ToS, apologise profusely, add it to your listing and hope they don’t suspend you permanently.



Thanks for your kind advise

@Elal, I like what @KKC said about giving this guest a bad review.

I would word your review carefully to avoid any mention of the incident involving the camera.

Also, it would be best to take a photo of the lobby camera (or cameras) and add that to the photos on your listing, with a caption that identifies it (or them) as being in the lobby of the building. I also suggest that you mention the camera(s) and location(s) in your listing.

I have a screen shot of what my video cam can see for the final image in all listing galleries. I noticed the last guest who stayed attempting to stay out of its viewing range when walking the grounds. :cowboy_hat_face:

I dealt with the issue by calling AirBnB support and asked them to review my listing to make sure I was abiding by their policies. As I intend to rely on the camera for evidence if necessary and want AirBnB to support me.