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Calling all lurkers


I don’t usually post (lurker), but I’m surprised to see suggestion for a refund…my thinking, why was the guest pulling out something she didn’t know what it was, anyway?! Just cautiously posting my opinion…and we all have different opinions.


It was quite weird as it was so far down the bbq, underneath all the main areas that are normally cleaned that none of us (that’s 3 cleaners, the owner and myself) had any idea it existed. Why you would want to pull it out, especially as being a bbq there is a high chance of fat being involved. What was she looking for?

It was a one night stay and my cleaner said the clean nearly killed her, the place was such a mess! She also said: if you are going to go looking for faults then make sure you are a good guest and don’t leave the place trashed!

I got my review in at the last minute and thankfully she didn’t!


Hey everyone!
I’m a part time lurker on my mother’s side, lol!

I’ve been hosting since 2013. I began with our apartment, located in Portland, Maine, where we had called home for 30+ years. We owned the building and had great success, however, we were tired of the city and sold the property. We decided at the closing, that we would move to the beach, Old Orchard Beach, Maine, to be exact.
We purchased 7, silvery cedar-shaked , beach cottages, which we have completely renovated. We have been renovating and updating the cottages. We have installed a vegetable, an herb, and flower gardens on the property.
I couldn’t imagine doing anything else for my “job”


What a lovely story and sense of humour!


I have been a host for just about three months. What a learning curve. I do find the communication confounding. I have so many that don’t read beyond book now!.
We take 2 adults, 3 children, infant and dogs. We also say we make exceptions, please enquire.
We continually get requests for four adults and more. Many don’t include the dog charge.
This forum had been very helpful. Thanks all.


That is why after they book I send them a welcome message and then another one, with headings with all the essential info from their itinerary. Still I had one yesterday ask if could park in the garage. I replied with please read your itinerary and the previous message below as it has all your check in info including parking. I always sign off with something light like Enjoy! or Have fun! so it doesn’t sound like I am scolding. But other hosts know that I definitely am!!

I also have trouble with the pet fee, so I write in the pre-booking message, please let me know if you are bringing a pet so I can add the cost in. I don’t like doing the special offer as I always worry I will make a mistake so I now send it as a request for other services after the reservation is made.

As I don’t meet my guests I pay the girl who lives in the apartment next door a $10 spotters fee, if she messages me that they have snuck a dog in!

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