California Weed Service

As you know, Marijuana is legal in CA now. I was approached by a store who offered me their unique delivery services for our guests.

What’s the legality of it as far as Airbnb goes? Do they have a clause about (legal) weed anywhere. Any idea?

I know nothing about that, I doubt they care. Now who delivers the snacks?


If giving guest alcohol invalidates the host guarantee, what would a pot delivery do? I’m not sure I would risk it.

Btw—I was surprised when Brian C said something about giving guests a bottle of wine at check-in since it invalidates the host property coverage guarantee. Things that make you say “Hmmmm”.

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There’s simply a good chance he doesn’t know his own terms of use. I don’t expect him to know it all by heart.

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hmmmm (to quote Annet3176). Then he sounds like a typical guest unaware of/not reading house rules. Given his position, I wouldn’t want to host him at all. Invalidating the so called Host Guarantee is something he should be aware of.


I’ve said this before and will say again, giving the guest alcohol does not invalidate the host guarantee. I think it used to but not anymore. I can’t even find the word alcohol in the TOS or help section or guarantee except as it relates to providing it as part of an experience. If anyone can demonstrate that I’m incorrect, please do so.

That is not to say that it’s a good idea and I’m not sure arranging for weed delivery as part of my amenities package is something I would do. I’d let the guests get their own weed.


The 3 incidents I had in my house (including breaking a 8x3 glass door) were only alcohol related. Never heard of a raging guest at the house due to weed. If California decided it’s safe and good enough for them (are we going to argue that weed is WAY safer than Alcohol?!), it’s fine by me.

All I’m trying to do is expend my guests experience (legally).

Arguments or weed?

expand? I don’t want to be the writing and spelling police but your sentences are unclear and expend means to spend or waste and I’m sure you don’t want to do that.

In the last year I’ve had 3 guests that I suspect are smoking weed in my rental. Prior to that…zero. It’s not legal here in my state but it seems that people feel much more free to indulge than previously. I have no objections to weed, only to smoke and smells in my rental.



Thank you for saying it again. Since I don’t read all threads I missed it.

I read the host guarantee. To read it was a boring but needed experience. I’m glad to know that guest/host wine sharing is ok!

And then they change it! It used to have language about alcohol. And frankly, the host guarantee seems to be worthless anyway.


No argument from me. To keep my RN license and employment I am subject to drug testing. I can’t smoke it and don’t want to be around it. Maybe I’m jealous of those who can!

Also if I am arrested for driving under influence (alcohol or drugs) I’m subject to losing my RN license. I worked too hard to get it, to lose it.

It is not legal it state so pot smoking in my rental is against house rules.

If your state and you are ok with it on your property—go for it. My only concern was not putting your host guarantee at risk, which looks like it may not.

That sounds like an awesome thing to put in your welcome binder

No offense taken. Feel free correcting me. English is not my main language so more to come… :wink:

I’m pretty sure it’s a matter of time until it’ll pick up here. Considering the fact the over 90% of the visitors going to Joshua Tree are from the greater Los Angeles area - I know the usage percentage is high.

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Just put the supplier’s business card or flyer in with your other local information. Then you aren’t endorsing the product or the opposite. People can choose for themselves. If anyone asks you ‘where can I get some weed?’ just refer them to your folder/info drawer / whatever.


I just read on Afar that some 420 enthusiasts are finding ’ niche’ places with that key for online booked stays.
I really don’t mind if people use it, but smoking will be off limits at our site inside or outside, due to extreme fire danger. Is it unreasonable to specify edibles ok??? Allow them to smoke inside their own vehicle only with the windows rolled up??? Is vaping actually fire,.,. duh

Vaping and edibles would work just fine…