California Fires

A friend has just written me that he was evacuated last night from his AirBNB by the fire and police departments. He is a world class trumpet player who loves AirBNB. He stays all over the world playing and teaching, and always uses this platform. Anyhow, he writes “Latest report from AirBnB: the house we rented in Glen Ellen is gone. Burned in The Nun’s Fire. Feeling the preciousness of life and impermanence of everything. Hug ur peeps”

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Oh gosh! That’s terroble news for the Airbnb owner!! Mother Nature eh …

Latest reports are 1500 homes and 10 lives lost.

:sweat::sweat: gosh. My thoughts are with anyone effected!

@azreala also has a home there and was evacuated. Many businesses and homes destroyed and given the importance of the wine industry, the destruction of vinyards will take years to recover from. Terribly sad.

I am so sorry to hear this. With best thoughts for now and the future going forward.

Er, climate change perhaps? Mother Nature can resist only so much.

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We are fine… we left voluntarily bc of my health and the smoke/air situation. We have 4 fires burning less than 5 miles from our house… we will see!!

Donate if you can! Please send $$ not items, the fires are less than 1% contained, we need supplies for the first responders and everyday things for people who lost everything.


Update! We are headed home tomorrow… House is fine, just loads of ASH I need to clean up… we left in such a hurry there was tons of stuff in out backyard because we were cleaning out a storage space. Excited to go home, and hopefully volunterr at the animal shelter.


Good news! Thanks for the update!

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