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Calender link/sync problem

Hi everyone. I have been going back and forth with airbnb support on my calender. It has been blocking my listings on error. I have 4 different listing on the same property. They told that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to link all of them. I went through the route of importing and exporting my calenders. They basically said they cannot verify if this works. Any experiences with this
? How did you resolve it??

First, I have NOT done this. A few here have used this feature. From what I can tell ONE listing is the PARENT (the others are “linked children”). It SEEMS that the parent should probably be the “entire house” (or all units at the property).
My guess, with an IT Background, is it may be key to ensure one listing is the “correct parent”, and all others as children to it. And - that no children are linked to each other (see image).
I would not be surprised if only one listing is “proper” to be the correct parent. And there is little chance that a typical support agent will have a clue about that.



I have enough problem with two listing organisations! I take the iCAL file from AirBnB and import it into Booking.Com. That seems to work okay in that a booking in AirBnB immediately shows up as a booked room on BDC. But if I get a BDC booking I always go into AirBnB and block out the dates as I have been caught with double bookings before. I would think that if the other sites can consume the AirBnB calendar iCAL link, that it could be the master but you will have to manage bookings arriving on the secondary sites to ensure AirBnB is blocked off

This link explains the export side

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Useful stuff, for sure. The OPs issue seems to be multiple listings on Air for the same property. Like maybe a house, where one can rent the whole thing or just individual rooms.
I have no idea what it might be like to cross-market those on a separate platform and if that would work with link’d properties.

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I just tried this using the screenshot. Let’s hope it works. I will update the group!! Thank you.

This is the route that I was forced to go after linking the proved useless. I have linked thdn again and also imported & exported the listings. Fingers crossed.

Thank you

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