Calendar Syncing between Airbnb and other services

Has anyone had issues within the last 2-3 months with calendars syncing between services? I use Airbnb and Homeaway, and I had my calendars syncing both ways - I get a booking on Air, it blocks on HA, I get a booking on HA, it blocks it on Air. Within the last 2-3 months, it seems to have stopped working or been unreliable. I had two instances where I had someone book via HA when it was already booked via Air. I changed the syncing so it only goes one way - someone books on Air, it blocks on HA. Since I get fewer bookings on HA, I just manually block it on my AIR calendar if I get a HA booking. Today, I have a HA booking that I’ve had since April. I know it was blocked on my Air calendar because I looked at it earlier today since the guest is arriving tomorrow and I had other private requests. It was blocked on Air, but someone today managed to do an instant booking tonight for next weekend - it’s been booked since April! I contacted Air, they will deal with it, but I wanted to know if other people are having issues with calendars not syncing/blocking properly.


Yes, i have had issues with HomeAway (Stayz) calendar not importing from AirBnB unless i repeat the import several times.
…but just now (yesterday) i had the problem of a double booking because didn’t import from HomeAway.
I don’t know if the problem was an import or an export problem.
My feeling is that it’s the HomeAway calendar that is at fault.
Does anybody know of a way to make these calendars work their import/export properly?

After a couple of double bookings, i no longer trust them and do it all manually. Every time one of the OTA does a change, it can stuff everything up. Both Airbnb and Booking.con play rough over cancellations!

Yes, spend the money on a channel manager, problem solved.

It sounds like you’re using an iCal synch, and it can take hours to update, unless of course you do it manually.

That said, to get the API connection with VRBO you need to have five properties listed.