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Calendar Syncing between Airbnb and other services



Has anyone had issues within the last 2-3 months with calendars syncing between services? I use Airbnb and Homeaway, and I had my calendars syncing both ways - I get a booking on Air, it blocks on HA, I get a booking on HA, it blocks it on Air. Within the last 2-3 months, it seems to have stopped working or been unreliable. I had two instances where I had someone book via HA when it was already booked via Air. I changed the syncing so it only goes one way - someone books on Air, it blocks on HA. Since I get fewer bookings on HA, I just manually block it on my AIR calendar if I get a HA booking. Today, I have a HA booking that I’ve had since April. I know it was blocked on my Air calendar because I looked at it earlier today since the guest is arriving tomorrow and I had other private requests. It was blocked on Air, but someone today managed to do an instant booking tonight for next weekend - it’s been booked since April! I contacted Air, they will deal with it, but I wanted to know if other people are having issues with calendars not syncing/blocking properly.


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