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2 days ago an Airbnb guest cancelled a 5 day booking for next week. Immediately I received a note from Air that the guests money was refunded and I should not be sad blabla. Very good for the cacelling guest but since then my calender still is blocked in reference to this former booking. Question: How is this possible? Does Air not understand that they miss out on potential new bookings I could have received? (ironically enough the guest contacted me because he wanted to shorten the trip and tried to book the new dates but was not able to do so)
But I have another conspicion: The apartment is also offered on VRBO and in case of bookings I update both calendars. On the Air calendar, specifically for the booking in question, I have a note that says “synced with home away calendar”. Don’t know why this is the only booking with this note. Also, I have cancelled the booking on the VRBO calendar the minute I received notification. Is it possible that they sync only every three days or so and the calendars therefore hold old information? Does anybody have information as of why it takes ages to unblock the calendar, which should be done immediately in the interest of Air as well as the guest?

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damn, I mean suspicion, not conspicion. And I mean “in the interest of Air as well as the host”, not guest.

I would call or write Airbnb. I would also call or email the guest directly and book privately.

Question…how do you syc your calendar and do you also have intant book with Airbnb? I want to list onhome awy but am nervous about colliding bookings.

Love Cartegna…spent a lot of time there in the 70’s.

thanks for your reply, AJ. I had contacted Air. The cause really is the sync between the calendars. Air says the date is blocked due to the other calendar. But I deleted the booking there and the VRBO calendar is not blocked. Obviously there is something wrong on Air’s behalf. I am not happy because I had no choice. Never tried to sync the calendars. Was done automatically by Air. And now they give me problems.
Cartagena is out of this world. I was there first time in 2006 and since travel every year two or three times. When you know the city from the 70’s you would be surprised. In 2006 half of the buildings were still derelict. Now the whole old city is renovated and buzzing with people from all over the world.

Myquestion would be is it worthit to have instabook on Air if you are on mutple sites. Theoretically you can decline a guest, but they verify the booking very quickly if you dont decline immediately.
Oddly, I am not at my computer at 1AM so get the guest with no chance of refusal should I wish to.

I am new to this short tern rental but am in a very desirable area and plan to be busy when the tourist season arrives. One question on my mind - -Does Vrbo bing in more Europeans and/or longer stay people?

Do you have any idea?

unfortunately I cannot help you with instabook because I do not allow it. I want to exchange at least one or two messages with guests. As for VRBO: yes, I do get some more Europeans with V than with Air. But there is one pretty annoying nonsense in the policy of V. Like Air, they do not let you send mail adresses. This makes sense with Air because they take on the payment process and take out their percentages. It makes no sense whatsoever with V. You pay a fee once a year and all they do is to provide the initial contact. Everything else is your responsibility. So how do I tell interested guests to pay to my PayPal mail adress? It is really a nuisence.
Also, the clientel with Air is generally much more professional and nicer to deal with. On V I receive a lot of time wasting offers. I had one guy offering me 60 USD when my rate is 230 USD. Also, you get more rude people who just throw a date to you without even saying hello. The upside is that I can just delete those mails without any excessive punishment like on Air.

That is the reason!!! I had that happen once. A FlipKey guest left early, and I was unable to unblock my calendar on Air because it kept refreshing, showing there was still a guest. I even tried to stop the syncing and it still kept happening.

Where is this?? !!! Sounds very intriguing!

Air punishes the crap out of you if have to cancel a booking but if a guest does it…well, they also punish the crap out of you :smile:

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it’s Cartagena de Indias, on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Check some pics on google, it really is an amazing city.

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City in Colombia
Cartagena is a modern port city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. At its core is the walled Old Town, with 16th-century plazas, cobblestone streets and colorful colonial buildings. With a tropical climate, the city is a popular beach destination. Reachable by boat are the nearby shores of Isla de Barú and Islas del Rosario, known for their coral reefs and scuba diving.
Weather: 90°F (32°C), Wind NW at 10 mph (16 km/h), 66% Humidity
Hotels: 3-star averaging $70, 5-star averaging $310. View hotels
Getting there: 17 h 48 min flight, around $1,185. View flights
Local time: Sunday 2:40 PM
Population: 845,801 (2005) UNdata

You’ve never seen ‘Romancing the Stone’? Lol.