Calendar sync scheduling, property mgmt, listing Help make COMPREHENSIVE LIST

Greetings. I’ve several properties in Thailand, one in Conway, NH, USA, and am trying to find the best hosted tools/apps that are out there.

Let’s work together by adding 3rd party vendors that provide services for those of us with AirBnB Homeaway VRBO etc.

In addition to just a name of a provider - it’d be great if you’d add your positive or negative review of it … or UNK if you’ve no idea of their quality

Let’s go: has been making me frustrated with their OVERPROMISING and UNDERDELIVERING … i’ve waited 2 weeks to try to get my sites set up, and their customer service guy is great, but their system leaves A LOT to be desired (I had to track down the email of senior mgmt via Google after 7 days of nothing (I’d registered, and their system didn’t tell THEM that I’d registered).

I’m reading today about:

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My dad is using lodgify and it s working well. Tell me if you need a referral

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Hapopily send the REFFERAL @sylvainbg

In my question @barefootNM recommended “Pillow”

It s totally different, they take care of communication, meeting the guests and cleaning. Of course price is different…

The first question is what is your needs then depending of that that are different toools more adapted

I sent you a private message

From what I have read Pillow also offers a cloud based version similar to Guesty. But I have never used them so I don’t know for sure.

Lodgify doesn’t look like it offers any of the management features - responding to inquiries or coordinating cleanings. That’s more of what I’m looking for. Plus the SEO help and management over several listing sites would also be great.

www, - new to them myself but if you have multiple properties like us they give you a free trial and there tech setup is brilliant along with being partnered with all the main sites.

Price labs included in the package (that cost 25eurs per apartment normally so this is a great deal and tool to have) taking care of price yielding and updated every 24hrs .

They also have a great collabaration platform too you get your own space and 24/7 hour team. They do everything from setup on sites to enquiries to bookings and payments in one place for easy reporting to your Accountants.

All online, on your phone app, They can coordinate with your cleaners they send out automatic calendar bookings to them each time a booking comes in too.

They can work offline (we don’t need this for 1% more they have said also).

25 eur per month subscription and 2.5% across the bookings and a one off 50 eur setup fee that’s it. No fee on each booking.

Hence why we are going with them.

Thanks sorry

I prefer to have a service that is offering also my own website.

I think each service is really depending of each host needs.

Forgot to say they have offered us a free trial as we have a large portfolio with 10 properties not sure if they do that for everyone i think that’s about volume. We not only get a 24/7 day team we get a check in once a week with the head of our team to make sure all is ok . I like the customer side but the tech side is thought out well.

Apparently they are getting ready to relaunch in the near future new website etc to make more of an impact they said . They do have a presence in New York too they said also.

Compared to some of these sites they have a rounded approach. They work with some other company in New York who can also arrange pick up of keys etc. CityCoPilot if anyone interested was not paying too much attention our market is not there.

Thanks all . I will report back on how our trial goes too.

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So, I’ve decided to take the reviews UP A NOTCH!

I figured thatYou CAN HELP US add/edit the matrix would be AWESOME for all of us

“everyone” is an editor … so … please use it kindly.

I reviewed the COMPARE function found at is FANTASTIC
AND I think that I’ll make notes FROM this website … and update the Google Drive page.


I decided (for some reason) to start with

The UI is not the prettiest - but with SO MANY independent people giving it 5/5 Stars on the review site and a 30 day FREE TRIAL… it seemed like the best place to start

I’ll let you know!

I think it’s really what is each needs.

We use as a calendar manager and then synch with Airbnb.

  • the calendar tools are slightly more powerful and easy to use on Stinngo
  • if we want to book outside of Airbnb, it’s the canonical calendar and can synch blocked dates to Airbnb
  • we rent multiple rooms in one house, sometimes in combination and Airbnb’s system doesn’t understand the interdependencies. For example, imagine you have rooms 1, 2 and 3 and the rooms can be booked individually or as a “two room suite” of rooms 1 and 2. If someone books room 1, then the two room suite is no longer available. Airbnb treats room 1, room 2 and the joint “suite” of rooms 1 and 2 as separate listings and it’s possible for conflicts to occur. Stinngo understands that if either room 1 or room 2 is booked, the two room suite of 1 and 2 is not available and blocks it on Airbnb’s calendar.
  • if you wanted to have a public, searchable web listing, it’s easy to do via their website building tools (we don’t do it)


  • requires managing two calendars as our synching only goes from Stinngo to Airbnb and not back (it’s not truly synching as much as Airbnb is subscribing to the Stinngo calendar). I think this is a limitation Airbnb imposes but am not sure
  • has an annual fee, though we find it reasonable

You can have tools that do both ways
edit: can you do credit card payment with the website from stinngo?
is it synchronisation of availability and price?

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Stinngo has two services: reservation manager and website service. We only use the former (e.g., calendar) so I can’t speak to the experience using their site building / marketing tools or trying to close a booking generated from a Stinngo-template site. Browsing their marketing materials, they don’t mention anything about the transaction like completing a contract or guest payment options. So, if you want those features something like Bookerville might be better. Before this thread, I’d never heard of bookerville so can’t compare the two. To date, when we book guests off-airbnb (which we only do for larger bookings), we have a template contract on a Google Doc and receive payment via Square Invoices (which I recommend) or mail/paper check. It’s more manual than I’d like but we don’t do it very often.

So, the UI at Bookerville is really 1999 …
and I’ve found my first bug … unfortunately in one of the MOST CRITICAL functionalities - the CALENDAR SYNC (Bookerville is NOT pulling in my AirBnb calendar … and in stead states that the pulling of data from VRBO was succesful
– huh? I put the info from AirBnB … but the app says VRBO

I fired off an email to them … at 8am CHINA time (8pm EST) … let’s see how fast they reply.

Now I’m looking at’s website … The website looks like the opposite of the Bookerville one …

It looks fresh, and modernized.

It’s signup process seems to be unique –

  1. register your email on the site
  2. the CEO sends you an email, to which
  3. you reply with a date & time for him (really?) to
  4. call you and discuss your property
  5. assumedly, if you pass the interview, you get a username/password

I’ll let you know how it works out.

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