Calendar sync problem between vrbo and airbnb - Solutions?

I synced my vrbo calendar into my airbnb settings and although it works (I see my airbnb bookings on vrbo and vice versa), the problem is that any “tentative” bookings on vrbo appear as blocked off dates on my airbnb calendar. Recently I’ve had a string of tenantives who cancelled after a couple weeks… which means that for two weeks those dates on airbnb were blocked off and unavailable to those looking at my airbnb listing for those dates. I’m upset by this because I could have possibly lost bookings!

So my question is: is it possible to ignore all but the paid bookings on the calendar sync between vrbo and airbnb? Does anyone have experience with this?

I found a partial solution to this problem… I unselected “Include Tentative Reservations in the calendar export” from vrbo’s calendar export option. That gave me a link that does not show the “tentative” inquiries on my airbnb calendar, but it still shows inquiries for bookings that were only partially paid (50% paid). These people can still cancel their bookings and thereby booking space on the calendar in airbnb.

Does anyone have an ideas for how to deal with this?

I am using a channel manager so don’t know how to do if you want to use ical export