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Calendar Sync help need to connect multiple channels just to view info


Hello everyone! I really need your help, I want to sync all my calendars into one single calendar, and then share this link with one of my managers, I have tried through google etc but have had no luck, I am also currenly connected to a channel manager. does anyone have any experience with such things? what is the best app for syncing ?


Hello! I use multiple Google calendar layers to create a single view of all bookings - and my use - of my property. For me it works like a dream. It meets my needs of automation and yet keeps me engaged - as in, not too automated.

I posted detailed instructions here somewhere. Let me see if I can find the link to the post.


AirGMS would be able to help you with that. With our software, you can sync your calendars and invite your manager to see your calendar. What makes it so great that you can create limits so that the information you don’t want your manager to access will remain confidential.


hey that would be great, as this is currently my main headache


Guys I already us a simplified version of what your offering, but you are r very expensive.


Hi @tmousaev,

We are actually free for up to 5 listings. :slight_smile: If you have 5+ we have a yearly contract that guarantees quite a low price considering the features we offer.

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