Calendar suddenly unblocked itself

Just be aware that calendar glitches are still happening!

I am carrying out refurbishments on my three properties with Airbnb Holiday Lettings and therefore blocked all three from 17th September until April 2022 with a note that they were blocked for refurbishments. I suddenly received a booking about an hour ago for one property from 24th September, departing on 1st October.

When I checked the Airbnb calendar I saw that two properties were still blocked into next year, but the third had magically become unblocked after 17th September although the annotation was still there.

Fortunately we are able to accept the guest although I haven’t told Airbnb that - I am still waiting to hear from Airbnb support.

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Thanks for the heads up!

This happened to me in February, and because I didn’t notice within the 24 hr free cancellation window, Air ended up cancelling and I lost Superhost, not that it matters much.