Calendar Screen Freakout

Whenever I access the Calendar on my laptop (Windows 10 running Chrome) the right-hand third of the screen freaks out, jittering back and forth. I’ve tried reloading, logging out/in and shouting at it. Anyone else find this glitch?

Not a problem here on windows 10 but I don’t run Chrome.

I have not experienced that problem and I do run Chrome.

I have been seeing this off & on for weeks now. Both in Chrome and Opera. In Opera it will usually settle down.

Running Windows 10, Chrome and a NVIDIA RTX 2070 graphics card. I get that shaking effect of the right panel as well. The info in that area is suggesting I lower my rates so I ignore it and move on by clicking on the image of the listing on the left side of the screen.

My laptop does not have the issue, besides the price reduction suggestions.

Yes, I’ve experienced similar. Often lately when I click on a calender date, the box on the right doesn’t even load, I have to keep refreshing the page, then wait for the calendar to load again, over and over. Eventually it rights itself, but it’s taken up to 10 minutes of this nonsense before it works properly.