Calendar reset to base price?!?!?!

Has anyone, in the last few days, had an issue where all of your special pricing was removed? I just had someone book for a weekend during a big festival and it was at our base price, instead of the higher price i had set. I then checked my calendar and all of my special pricing (Saturdays, Sundays and holiday weekends) were not there anymore! On both of my listings!

I’m seriously so frustrated over here. Of course their customer service “well I’ll get this over to our technical team” :expressionless: And check your calendars!

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Did you set those prices using the rule sets available in the calendar view, or did you set them in your listing’s pricing page?

I had a problem last month with their system ignoring calendar rules:

I set them on the calendar itself – clicked on the dates, turned off smart pricing, then set the price. Basically, all smart pricing got turned back on. The only way to do that, as far as I know, would have been if I went through and clicked all of those weekends individually and turned them off on both listings (which I obviously didn’t haha).

What rule sets are you talking about? Are you referring to minimum night stays (under Availability Settings)?

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ACL? It was me. I thought that was a great deal!


That seriously sucks. Airbnb isn’t going to do anything of course. The best you can hope for is a cancellation and then you can jack up the price even more. Right now if you have any additional person fees or fees for anything, raise them. If the guest asks for anything say no or charge them. Maybe your place won’t meet their needs anymore and they will cancel or pay up.

Yes! Haha - it was a great deal - probably why we got a booking so far in advance :stuck_out_tongue:

Luckily it wasn’t an instant book, so I apologized profusely and said there was an error with the calendar settings. I guess we’ll see…

Oh, whew.

I’d be freaking annoyed on the guest side though. I had someone in Boston do what I considered a bait and switch on me. It worked out since two more friends decided to join us so we found a bigger house and what seems like a nicer host. That’s why I only do instant book, no offense.

Ya I like instant book, but for whatever reason I would say 85% of our guests are brand new to AirBNB (mostly bachelorette parties, so my guess is they’re younger). We allow Instant Book, but we end up getting a lot of guests that are brand new.

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Good news guys: confirmed I wasn’t going crazy. Received an email from ABB today (looks like a mass email) that says they had an error from May 23-25th where all set prices were inadvertently overwritten.

In case you didn’t make sure to check your bookings. Their email said they’d be reaching out to everyone affected and making sure you get compensated properly.

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Yes!! I got a reservation for $104 less than I usually charge. I called airbnb and they cancelled it penalty free,but I’m glad I caught it because I normally don’t look at the payout, I just send my welcome message!

Same! I only did in the particular case because it’s a festival where we charge a lot a night so I was really surprised that we got a booking so far in advance (5 months). The I checked my calendar got really angry then checked my other listing’s calendar and got really angry hahaha.

I’m glad they cancelled penalty free - I hope they also sent the message to guests too!

I had this happen last night, but the rate was way below my base price.

I received an IB for Wed & Thurs of this upcoming week. I sent my “thanks for your booking” message with some additional details, and then noticed that the total payout was significantly lower than it should have been. After looking at the dates, the days he booked and the day prior and the day after were both $55 dollars less than all the other days on my calendar. The booking was significantly less than I’ve ever listed.

All I could guess was somehow “not so smart pricing” got enabled.

I called CS and asked them to investigate how this happened. I wanted to know if it was a tech glitch or something that I had done. I asked them what my recourse was … They said they would cancel without penalty. I asked what ABNB was going to tell the guest was the reason for cancellation; I wanted to know because I didn’t want the guest to think that I was playing bait / switch. And I also wanted to follow up with a note to the guest since I had already sent him the welcome message. That seemed too much for the CS rep so “I’d like to speak to your supervisor” came out of my mouth.

After speaking with a supervisor, ABNB offered to pay me the difference between the guests payout and my daily rate. I asked that they send me that in a message, which they did. So the guest is getting a bargain and I’m now going to be checking my calendar pricing diligently.

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I’d also explain to the guest what happened or mention it casually when they check in because I wouldn’t want that guest thinking that is ever my price.

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Actually, I just got an email from Airbnb this afternoon stating that I would be reimbursed for this issue since it did happen to me. It just so happened to be my listing that got the foreign language “10/10” review that left the 1 star on top still.