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Calendar or list of all previous year rates?

Is it possible to somehow have a list or calendar or the rates i was able to charge the entire previous year? This is so i can look at trending rates, and have an idea where to set my prices for next year’s calendar. Thank you!

New here, so apologies if this has already been addressed. But i could not find it anywhere.

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Yes it would be very useful if their “recommended prices” were actually they prices achieved the previous year either week or weekend.

You mean instead of recommending the price of an airbnb that’s half the size of yours, gets mediocre reviews and is in a much worse location?

Um, no… Maybe I wasn’t a hundred percent clear. I just want to be able to see what prices I charged in my own listings for the previous year or years. I’m guessing it’s going to be better to get that from someone like pricelabs than it would be to from air b&b

As far as I know, the answer is a big “sort of.”

I’m on a computer and don’t know how the phone app works in this regard. But if you go to Earnings, you can scroll down to Transaction History. If you click on that, you’ll see each transaction (each booking) that you completed over the date range you specify. Might take a while, but you can figure out approximately what you charged for the days you were booked.

Performance -> Occupancy and Rates -> Average Nightly Rate -> then set the calendar for sometime last year

I recommend doing it one or two months at a time (or the graph gets too little/compact). For instance, I put in Jan 1 - Jan 31, 2019. It will straight-away give you your average nightly rate for the time period, but you can hover over the dots on the graph to get the rate for specific nights.

If you have more than one listing, also notice that to the left of the date input, you can bring up just one listing at a time, otherwise you get an average for all listings.

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If you have a HA/VRBO account you can see previous rates charged over the years on the calendar. It’s very time consuming to find this information on AirBnB.

Honestly, it only took about 30 seconds in the way I described above.

Interesting. I wouldn’t have found this. It doesn’t work for me (on Safari). If I hover over a dot, it always says “data unavailable.” But perhaps it works for some.

Oh, that’s weird. I’m using it on Chrome, if that helps. I used to use Safari but specifically got Chrome for Airbnb as I heard (and found myself) that some stuff doesn’t work on Safari. This might be one of those things. It’s also worth trying on Firefox.

Cool thanks. Have one other Q I posted on an unpaid reservation for over a year. If you gotta sec :wink:

On my excel spread sheet where column is that I was paid I could easily look and find the average per night in a month.

Sorry, fortunately, I don’t have any experience with unpaid reservations.

Yeah, that makes sense too! I know I probably wouldn’t keep up with it though. Airbnb keeps track of it anyways, that’s easier for me.

I know that Air keeps track, but my Houfy and my Glamping hub are on my spec sheet @ Excel too. Its reasonably easy with my m.o. so far. But who’s to say I need a profit manager someday, when Tiny tiki retro Hideaway is viral???

I’m feeling really out of things here. That’s probably because I keep all records, duplicated from Airbnb or whatever, in paper form.

I know it’s not a popular view to think that the internet will explode or something one day and I’m not saying that I think it will (in my lifetime anyway) but I still prefer to have everything written down as well. I don’t use any other online services but quite a lot of direct bookings and so I keep non-internet, non-cloud records.

I sound as though I’m a dinosaur or something.


Yes! I think I will print out my spreadsheet once in a while:)

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Oh sure, if you have more than one source that totally makes sense!

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