Calendar Notes don't show up on phone app

Hi my first post so I’m hoping that I’m doing this right.
We are new hosts as of 2 weeks ago.
I have been adding my notes regarding the cleaners schedule on the calendar under notes.
But I don’t see that these notes show up on the Airbnb phone app. I click on the date (I know there is a note there) and it pulls up the guest reservation. Is there anyway to view my calendar notes on the app?

Just pop your cleaning days in your phone calendar?

the note is in the calendar. However I had a check in that day and when I click on that date the only thing that pulls up is the reservation notice. The note does not show on the phone app nor can I revise it.

Thanks Janice

In the app, go to the calendar and you will see a ‘Details’ tab at the top of the page next to ‘Month’. That’s where your notes are and you can edit them.