Calendar issue, what gives

I was reviewing my calendar for the month of June and I have availability from the 13th to the 20th, but when I look at my calendar from the travellers perspective it will only allow me to book the 13th to the 17th, shorting the days 18 and 19.

Is there something obvious that I’m missing? It’s late here and I just don’t get it. :joy:

Well, blonde girl is checking in on the 10th and out on the 13th, so that’s the reason for that one. Maybe you have two-day in holding for the others? ABB holds dates while people verify but doesn’t tell hosts via the calendar, which is maddening but it happens.

I don’t have any pending requests, so that shouldn’t be it…

My mistake for the 12th I just edited to the 13th, thanks for catching it.

I found this problem on my calendar. Then I discovered that because I had put minimum 3 nights Airbnb were blocking out dates that people couldn’t book as a Start date. But this then meant that the calendar wasn’t showing all the dates that were available correctly. It is counterintuitive for any guests looking/ browsing. So I switched back to no minimum night requirement and - hey presto- the calendar now correctly shows what dates are actually available.


Not the smartest way to do this!
Now all dates will have no minimum, and you will end up with a lot of 1 night bookings.

What you want is to only change the minimum for these dates. You can set this by making a ruleset and applying it to these dates.

@Theresa_Duthie-Jacks I did that but then I was getting 1 night bookings, which I don’t want. My cleaning fee would have to be astronomical to accommodate that. One girl I allowed and she cooked dinner for her and her boyfriend. She used every pot, pan and dish, fried stuff without turning the exhaust on, and didn’t clean up after herself. :flushed:

Hi Jackie_GranCanaria
We had a similar issue. Go into your settings and check how many days you allocated for cleaning. Change it to 1 day, this may help.

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Ok, thanks guys. It must just be showing from first available start date, which is a bit ridiculous on Airbnb’s part IMO.