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We have a guest coming, she wants to leave late in the day and is paying for the night after leaving, so that is blocked on Air calendar, which makes the following (friday) night unavailable. Is there any way to custom set that night to be open? I have blocked days before and after bookings automatic right now.

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You should be able to do it manually. Go to the calendar, click on the date, then click on edit and then click on unblock.

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If you can’t do it manually there is a work around

Suppose: $108 night Guest staying 6/15-6/18 late check out so paying for night of 6/18 (4 nights)
check out on system 6/19 ($430) (rounding?)

Calendar blocked 6/14 & 6/20

Change guest reservation with total rent $430 to 6/15-6/18. 6/14 & 6/19 blocked

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I don’t think that is possible, it is the 1st thing I tried. Thx!

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Annet, that might work! Thx :wink: )

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If a guest asks that I would send them a special offer that includes a fee for late check out.
Also that way a guest can not suddenly stay the extra night…
This would not touch any calendar settings and not violate the cleaning protocol that may depend on a blocked day…


I don’t know the answer to your questions but I adore the eye candy! You made my night!!

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