Calendar accesss

Hi People. Can you help please? Is there a way to give someone access to the Airbnb calendar without making them a full Co-host?
I use an agency to clean my one holiday cottage. Bookings are mainly 2-3 days, often short notice, and almost constant in high season, so that’s a lot of turnarounds. To make sure they know when I need them I made the manager a Co-host. This worked really well for me but she got fed up with being copied into all my extraneous chatter with guests and asked to be taken off. Now she’s no longer a Co-host she doesn’t have a way of checking that her bookings are up to date and I’m afraid one will slip through because I or she will make an error. Any ideas please.

Have you looked at iGMS? I’m able to use it to allow various levels of access to others.

Sync it to a google calendar and share it.



That’ll work so long as they don’t need any details. Air is breaking the link that allows stuff like name and phone to pass through to Google calendar at the end of the year. At a glance, it will probably just tell you booked/not booked, but not helpful to see where turnovers happen.

OP, I’d suggest trying the “teams” function. You can give the cleaners access to the calendar without granting rights to communicate w/ guests or cancel/change reservations like you do with co-hosts. Then they just have to change their notification settings to remove alerts (which they could have done in the co-host option, too).

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